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Also text chat, often a good way for developers to communicate with the players, and announce updates to them. It could also be used to create a great community of people who play the game

Thanks for the quick replies. The game is great and I look forward to following it as it evolves! Have you ever considered a Discord server?

That sounds great, what I was referring to with scenarios was the ability to create different situations, such as being able to create a scenario where a train has broken down on the track, so both ways are running on the same track. This would allow a unique experience, which in uncreatable in a timetable like format. It would also create an almost unlimited range of possibilities. I think that although it should be no where near your top priority, it is worth a look into for a future version. My other comment was about the photo on the front, I feel it would look better with an ingame screenshot

Just bought the game and I love it, great work! Just a couple of questions. I was looking at the roadmap, and wandered if there were plans for a concept like scenarios in Train Simulator. The could really enrich the game by capturing situations that you can't timetable, like a reason blocking the track. Having an editor would also be good way to allow users who, when route editing comes out in the next version, don't have the knowledge to make a route, but still want to customise the game. It would also be great to see an image screenshot on the start page.