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This was pretty fun! I was pretty bad at it but not as bad as I was at Cowmets.

I like the whole idea and gameplay and I think it will be even better when you finish out the already planned additions. Little details like sound effects etc will make a huge impact on the game.

I wouldn't mind seeing a game mode with more of a progression of levels, almost like a campaign mode where levels start out easy (less debris, aliens, etc) and get progressively more difficult. But I wouldn't say it's something it needs, just an idea.

my playthrough:

This was a fun watch, thanks a lot for the insightful feedback, much appreciated!  There's definitely some balancing to do.  The level idea is interesting, my intention was to re-shape the tutorial in the final version so it explains the mechanics as well as why the ship exploded, but I could push this further and have some sort of a story mode with several levels!  TBC ;)

Glad you liked the video!

Hope my feedback helps and good luck!