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how do i run the game? i am using the latest microsoft version (or trying to) but it wont work, i dont see any .zip or .exe files, it is just _MACOSX and another file that says RR2-windows-febuary2021-Alpha-Build and i dont know what to do


nevermind, i found how, just how do i get the bots?


Great question!  If you are on Windows you will first need to go into the robot workshop and create a new robot.  Once you have done this you should be able to find a /Robots folder in a hidden folder in your user directory called "AppData".

I strongly recommend you check out our Discord server.  There are tutorials there for accessing the /Robots folder, as well as a big support community to help you with questions.


i am too young for discord


but i have another question, when will rr2 be released on steam?

Absolutely no idea.  We are planning to put out one more stable build with damage, then we will be beginning the process of a ground-up rewrite of most of the systems in the game in preparation for a beta release on Steam.

I have no idea how long this process will take.


i tried to find the /robots file and i looked through everrything and couldn't find it, i am on windows 10 laptop and i really want to know how desperately

How do you get into the game