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i am wondering something, will there be a version of the bot building that is more simplified for doofuses like me who dont know how to build the bots and connect the wires and stuff so i was wondering if that would happen because it would be a big relief for me because i know the bot building is simplified but i still think another option for bot building that is simplified might be a good idea.

i tried to find the /robots file and i looked through everrything and couldn't find it, i am on windows 10 laptop and i really want to know how desperately


but i have another question, when will rr2 be released on steam?

i am too young for discord

nevermind, i found how, just how do i get the bots?

how do i run the game? i am using the latest microsoft version (or trying to) but it wont work, i dont see any .zip or .exe files, it is just _MACOSX and another file that says RR2-windows-febuary2021-Alpha-Build and i dont know what to do