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I am offering a service, I say it because people mistake me for a fan translator. If you are still interested we can talk on twitter.

Ah, sorry, I just saw that your game is only in French, I only translate from English to Spanish, I don't know French. :/

Oh ok no problem, thanks for offering anyway. ^^ And you should probably phrase it differently in that case, because I also thought you were a fan translator (I've checked your profile to see if I could find information on it but all I've seen is that you copy paste the same message to different game page). Maybe link a professional website/socials where we can see other works you've translated along with your message? One where we can find your prices etc... That way it should be clear to Devs that you're offering a service. ^^ 

As my project is a 100% free for now, I won't be able to pay a translator, but I'll keep your offer in mind if I decide to change that in the future! :D

Sounds good to me, and I will take your suggestions into account.