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H interesting pack. Especially the tileset that looks very similar (ripped?) from Super Metroid. If that is the case, please remove this. 

Don't get me wrong here, if you would remake a Metroid tileset that is similar and not ripped/cloned I would instantly buy it.

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They are inspired from r type metroid and turrican etc..They are very similar but different enough to be ok. I wonder if people say this when Super Mario clone sprites and Mega man sprites are up on these sites?

Yes thank you!

You're the second person who have asked if my tile sets are ripped? Which has me worried that I'm recreating the graphics TOO good. In future I will only loosely base them on the originals! So no one can moan art me lol

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Baught this asset pack and man... this is legit. I compared it to Super Metriod and Metroid: Zero Missions and this is close but not the same. 

So in essance, I thank you a lot for sharing/selling. This is a rare quality tileset. Do more and I will by more! 

Thank you