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Hey just baught your tool and I must say it is pretty good!
Have you ever considered to enhance it with some props like helmets (knight helmet or leather etc.) and other wearables (medival armor, futuristic clothes). Your great tool is limited to modern time.

Because that is exaclty what a lot of people (me included) would want for their hobby video games and nobody offers this on itch or the unity playstore. So if you could pull that one off, I would even do an extra video on my gamemaker tutorial channel (I try to give creators free cloud) and recomment you!

Nice animations

Looks really good, what kind of copyright are you attaching to it?

CC3 by? No commercial?

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Hm, how about discord?

easiest way

Thanks a lot!

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Sure,  what exactly are having in mind? Only the mouse buttons or the whole mouse as one unit (regular mouse, "gamer mouse") ? Aswell as what buttons you want to be animated? (left, right, side buttons, mousewheel etc. )
And most importantly how much you want to spend for this. 

I recently updated the controller image (generic xBox controller), is that something you want to be includes aswell?

Hey there, 

cool monster designs. When will you release/make them accessible? 

Hey, I just made a little video on my youtube (small one )channel because I think you need more exposure. Your art is of high quality! Keep up the the good work, Pozdrowienia od złych Niemiec. 

Thanks again for good work!

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Hey, there... I guess I messed up a little. But thanks for checking it out and telling me that it doesn't work. I reuploaded the game and it seems to be working. Tested it with keyboard and gamepad (xBox old gamepad). 
The "any key" is here at the startscreen y,z, and x (keyboard) or gamepad A, X.  But the rest of the game I used c, v (keyboard, gamepad is the same)...

I put in the control sceme in the game description, getting stuck on the title screen is I assume not the best introduction to the game, sorry for that...

Actually all the roofs, top and in the middle (ones that are on top of the vending machines). Thanks a lot! Another thing, I try to promote decend unknown pixel artists on my yt (still small) channel. Are you okay with it? 


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Yes, exactly like that one on the right. As far as I can see the only thing that is of great interest to me are the roof "tiles". So if that is something you can add, well, I would really appreciate it.
If not, no problem I can do it myself in photoshop.

Ever tried doing monsters with animations (spritesheets) in that pixel art style? There is a lack of that on itch and other platforms. You seem to have a good eye for the finer details. Love the crow animation!

Really good looking tileset. Do you mind sharing the side version aswell? I already baught it because its really lovly designed, more pls!

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Sweet! I will make a video tutorial (gamemaker studio 2) and use your tileset there as decoration.
I will give a link back to your and mention you directly. Hopefully you get then a little more traffic.
Win win for all :)

It is here, let's see if you get a litte spike in your traffic. 

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe width="500" height="281" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>" style="width: 250px; height: 140px; background: url( 50% 50% no-repeat; background-size: cover"></button>

Looks pretty good, your style has great potential!
What kind of copyright does it have? (CC0, CC3by,... ?)

High quality tileset! Keep on doing those and I keep on buying

Whoever buys this asset, it is worth more then 1 buck.  Got it and its part of my game.

Well done, please more of that kind!

This is a page which will be update with free content/assset every month and is a "big thank you" for all supporters or who will be.  You can take the free asset and do whatever you like with it. You are welcome. No strings attached, its free stuff :)
The patreon is for all people who "want" to support me or" get access" to all shown assets. Check it out, you may even like it.

Oh man I am so late here...

Sorry I didnt answer, never actually used the notification system.
Well, I send you the pack again to your email adress. Maybe you use linux or mac and that causes your issue...  I use a regular windows 10 to pc with a newest version of photoshop, if that helps you in any way.

  You are actually to be honest the only one that wrote me about that problem. All other customers  just baught it and that was it. 

There is only one .psd there and its called PowerUps.psd. If you need it somehow converted (of which I have no idea right now), send me and email and I try my best.

If not, I hope you enjoy your pack and do some great games with it.

Have a good one,

1up Indy