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Thanks for the fast answer. In that case I people can only use it in game jams or hobby projects. Hm, can you add a text description in your art where it becomes commercially useable, dunny by paying for it minimum of ... dollars (to make a game and sell the game with your art)?

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Hey, beautiful pixel art. Can you specifiy what kind of use (copyright) is attached to your sprites? I would love to share this with my youtube community, but I need to 100% clean what to share. CC3by, commercial or not?

Are you making a series in this style? You have the same great look like Moonligther. If you make more packs I buy the bunch. 
For this pack:
- walking merchant with a big bagpack
- a gambler

So if you need more ideas: 
- enemies
- dungeons/biomes/tilesets

Baught both tileset of this series. Excellent work, more please!

This is a seperate zombie pack by RGS_dev and I have no permission nor the blank templates for it. What you see here are already sticked together finished sprites, but I would need to have the part templates (arms, etc,) from him.  

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Sadly no, my graphics guy is not longer active on making new assets and I have to respect his wish to not continue this project. I would need to have another artist to replace him, which is doing the same art for a low budget. 

Sadly no, my graphics guy is not longer active on making new assets and I have to respect his wish to no continue this project. I would need to have another artist to replace him, which is doing the same art for a low budget. 

Really really good tunes! Well done and thanks for sharing.

Awesome stuff

Hey WazMeister,
I currently only focus on GameMaker projects, so I see no Gotdot version of this game or other in the pipline. This can maybe change in the future if GameMaker does a really stupid move, but I don't see that coming.

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Oi, lovly pixel art.

Can you please add in the your description text what copyright these two images have (cc0, CC3 by)? I added this site to my GameMaker community tab, so I need to be sure I promoted "clean" content. Once again, thanks for sharing.

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Hm, I do hold the rights to the assets. So technically I can sell them alone also. The alternative is a bit hard to pull of since they are generated together in GameMaker and giving the software is possible but not for a small budget. What kind of offer would make for this? Hope in my discord if you are serious with it so we can discuss terms. 
💬 Discord:

Good game, worth checking out the demo!

Hm, if you baught it for the 15bucks, you should have "unlocked" the full version. I can see your email and the amout to check if you did and everything should be working fine. Normaly you could call up the customer support, but I am not sure if they really can help you out. Can you confirm the the first and last two letters if you e-mail adress. I assume you are the (that one was for 15Usd) email. So if you cannot access it and I confirm we can do the following. I can send you a "gift" link where you get access to the pack on itch.op (not sure though it unlocks the 15r range) or hop into my discord channel where i can send it to you for free.

That project is a (the artist was not cheap) loss, 11 units sold in total so far, so I sadly can't add anything to it if there is no interest. 

Very nice and useful tileset! Will recomme it on my channel, thanks a lot for it.

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Hey Mhp,
one way (an this is quite some work) is to reengeer all the layers seperatly and make your own system out of that, so you export the parts you want to use in chunks and put them together in gms or which ever programm you wish. That would of course take tons of time, but it is possible. Another option would be to give you the project file and you could tinker around with it. But this would be like giving you the key to the castle and the Character creation tool is virtually the only one that is selling on successfully. So here, I can't do that for 15 bucks. I could license the project to you but that wouldn't be economic for you. 

You mentioned that you wanted "possibility to be able to implement my drawings" which is a requested feature but that would mean for me to invest (a few days of programing) and change how the programm works, which I don't see me doing that at all. Plus this isn't that easy to do because the "raw" sprites (arranged and recolored) are set very specific and are not very flexible. So this is not an option.

And lastly you said about programming help, which is a nice gesture from you (thanks!) but I currently don't need that.

What is maybe in your interest, that I am still planning to release a project gms version that has all the sprites/combinations used for an sidescroller ingame with this character creation tool. But that is in the distant future, maybe in 3 months or much later. 



sadly there won't be any updates concerning new content because my graphics guys wished to not continue with new sprites (that I have to respect). There will be a quality update (a bug and randomization will be updated) and it will come out eventually also for mac users. For now there is no option to "import" ones own sprites because of the complexity of how the engine works (multiple layers stacked on top of each other). The only way to have new sprites/updates would be to partner up with me and well, get compensated in the sales for your work. 


If you are a patreon, send me a dm on discord and I can send you the full version.

Hey Luna,
I assume you need to buy it again.  The only option is a refund and then buy it at the "higher" tier. At least I don't see a way how to avoid this since I have no control over marketplace mechanisms.

The mac os feature is coming in a week or two.
"Is the sprite facing up, down and left?" -> what do you mean by that??

Hey Luna, 
I am not sure what you want me to do here. You want me to create an anti cheating and copying system for Gamemaker Studio 2 ???

1up Indie

Hey Weston Kaunk,
sorry for the long delay. Ehm, the variable is actually useless (old system) and you can delete it right away. I stopped the series but added a few more things in the current project to implement things I couldnt do in the video series format.

Is it still not working for you? They best way is to go to my discord server where I am very frequent (not so much on State there that you baught the project and you need some assistance.
I will upload a newer version of the engine right now and hopefully all the issues are thing of the past.

Hm, I guess I didn't update that. There is another issue also, sorry for the inconvenience. I will fix it in due time.

Thanks for the quick answer! My best regards to your brother making some really good music (baught it now) plus good riddance on your own youtube channel.

Very decend tracks (from all the 3 song lists you sell). Just for curiosity, the songs are made by you under a pseudonym or what is the deal with made by Antmonk? I am asking because I want to buy them all (and recommend on my yt channel) and use them commercially in a game, so I need to know that useage is clean (yes you stated that under CC4by).

Excellent looking tileset, baught it instantly. What is your style called? Are you making monsters and more tileset in this beautiful style?

Oh cool, you know my small channel. Will make more of those assets in the future or are you interested in a small cooperation on that front in late January?

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Baught your set and linked your to my Yt community. (I had to cross check if you really made this one and it is very close but legit). I made a "how to remake Hotline Miami in Gamemaker" video series, so hopefully you get some sales on this one. Good job and do more if you can!


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The bundle is must buy! Very good work man, love the art. More please.

That seems like a bug to me. I will see to fix this asap and give you feedback!

Contributed to it. Hope you get to the 160Dollar range. Good qualiy set you give us. I will send a rekommandation in my Yt channel to your assets packs.

Я рад, что тебе понравилось!

Hey Travis,
You will be (at least I hope so) be alarmed on when then I post a new Community post for this project. I will update it when then AI is in a "complete" fashion. That is why you see that the current project version here is not on the same level as the Youtube tutorial series on remaking Hotline Miami. 
When is that? Hard to say to be honest, the view counts are quite low (the interest in this project is therefore low) and that means the project will be continued very very slow. But I will finish the Ai and doors (ending in the next month) and then, this project goes into maintenance mode.

if you want we can continue the series with your new entries. I don't mind to be honest and it was planned to do more updates to the tool. Drop by in my discord so we can have a chat how we can do a cooperation if you like to.

Oh man, 
the this message system in is not telling me you send a message... But yes, if you are a patreon I will of course send you the full version. Please write me in patreon a message or discord so I know it is you.