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Я рад, что тебе понравилось!

Hey Travis,
You will be (at least I hope so) be alarmed on when then I post a new Community post for this project. I will update it when then AI is in a "complete" fashion. That is why you see that the current project version here is not on the same level as the Youtube tutorial series on remaking Hotline Miami. 
When is that? Hard to say to be honest, the view counts are quite low (the interest in this project is therefore low) and that means the project will be continued very very slow. But I will finish the Ai and doors (ending in the next month) and then, this project goes into maintenance mode.

if you want we can continue the series with your new entries. I don't mind to be honest and it was planned to do more updates to the tool. Drop by in my discord so we can have a chat how we can do a cooperation if you like to.

Oh man, 
the this message system in is not telling me you send a message... But yes, if you are a patreon I will of course send you the full version. Please write me in patreon a message or discord so I know it is you.

Sorry, that is not possible any more. The software is now in maintenance mode. There will be no future upgrades (I have to respect the wish of the graphics guy).

Played it and must say, well done! Difficulty also, a big wow... that's really challenging. :D

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Sadly no,
my graphics guys has stopped (I have to respect his wish to discontinue) making art for this tool, so it will be stuck on V7 and there will be no future updates.  

What? I will take a look and give you feedback.

In the far future yes,
I will be releasing a Gamemaker Studio project which allows customization in the engine. But only for Gamemaker. So if you want to use it in any other engine (Unity, Godot etc.) well than I cannot help you out. 

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This light system looks very promising. Is this based on a shader (then this would be a buy from my side) or a surface. Plus how is the performance if you place a lot of light objects in the room (the gms surface system is ultra slow, thats why I ask here).

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1. The full version goes for 15 bucks, I am not sure if you buy the bundle with the 81% discount if that is calculated into the 15 bucks price on the full version also. I would have to buy it myself which makes no sense for me...

Tldr: No idea to be honest

2. I have two tiers of patreons, the 5dollar high tier does include the full version, yes.

I had such a feature but it was a bit buggy and therefore I disabled manual keyboard input. You are the only one that actually asked for this and an extra save feature.

This software is pretty much in maintenance mode and no updates besides additional sprites being added (if my graphics guys wants to continue). So, I have to tell you that these things don't come in the near future. Maybe some day when it makes sense to upgrade the tool, but very very unlikely.

Hey Dany24m,
you cannot buy the packs because they are instanty (part of) in the full updated version V7 (15dollars). 
So, I am not sure why you can't buy it and I can't really do anthing in that regard. This is a thing between your payment processor and

There is a random button there.

Yes, all sprites/spritesheets create with the tool belong to you. so you can use them in any way you please. A commercial use it not an issue.
What you can't do is sell the tool and claim it to be made by your. (because that is what I do).
Credit is CC3by "1u Indie" (and very welcomed), but not mandatory

tldr: Yes for commercial and non commercial use. Enjoy! 

This tool is only made for sidescroller, you can use it though for a pseudo 2.5 like Binding of Isaac. 
Plans are to make a tool also for topdown but that would be a different tool (and not compatible with this one).

Sorry to disappoint you but climing will never be an option. I have talked about this with my graphics guy and he said the amount of work to add this state would be extremly high.

Yes, this engine can be used to make commercial games. Simply put me in the credits (and not resell it). Please be aware that this a working in progress project, that will grow over time. It is not finished now but if what you see is enough for you, well you can use it any way you like.

There is not demo, only the videos on my youtube channel that shows what you can aleady do/what you get.

This is an engine ready to use.

When I do the next video(maybe today or tomorrow), you will get the latest version here also. There is no "real" Ai in my videos so far, but that will come also but very slowly (low view count, so it is not my priority).

Really cool asset pack!

Unique set, I like it. What is the copyright on this piece?

I have to dissapoint you here. This is sadly not possible for me. I have no apple products to run GameMaker on, which I would need to make an export for Mac.
I would assume that I do that in the future, but defenlty not near one.

What kind of crahes are there. I know that the software slows down to a total halt after too many exports. This can be fixed by closing and opening it. 

I am not really sure why that is happening (I assume the export is making troubles on Windows because of the plugin used to "break" GameMaker). 

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Just baught your pack. Great value for such a low price. Love your songs, please make more!

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Baught this asset pack and man... this is legit. I compared it to Super Metriod and Metroid: Zero Missions and this is close but not the same. 

So in essance, I thank you a lot for sharing/selling. This is a rare quality tileset. Do more and I will by more! 

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H interesting pack. Especially the tileset that looks very similar (ripped?) from Super Metroid. If that is the case, please remove this. 

Don't get me wrong here, if you would remake a Metroid tileset that is similar and not ripped/cloned I would instantly buy it.

Hey Haruen,
one thing I already changed is that you can swap different backgrounds (8 different color variations).
I am looking into the layer configuration (as being saved and loaded each time), that should be a standard in the future.
About exporting all states in one big sprite sheet. Well, here I am kind of torn. Some people would welcome a big one (it is possible of course) and some would say this is not what they need because they don't use most states... So, I guess here I have to decline your request.

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The issues has been fixed! I changed the color ranges (you can have more on boots) which was only applied to export as a strip but not on single image export. This caused a crash... Sorry for that.

Please redownload the current V5 to have the patched version.

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Oh, I will fix this! Thanks for posting this. 
Note: I see the issue is the export to single image. Will fix it asap!

Hu, what is the issue? Maybe your system/firewall is blocking it?

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Well, that is a thing. I will be releasing a (Gms 2.3+) project in the future. Basically a sidescroller engine with a character creation within. There you can gut out what is needed for your game. But if you are not using GMS, well this won't be of any value to you.

To give you the spritesheet for let's say one default character I have to get permission from my graphics guy (RGS dev) because he holds the copyright to all the art for the tool. Would 1 set be sufficient? Plus one set from the basic version or the full version (plus props, plus shoulder pads).

Edit -Just got an reply from RGS dev: You don't really need a sprite sheet/template here. You simply use the tool to make seperate parts and well, you can put them together (draw over each other) later in any ide you wish to.

There will be space marines pack in the future. Today I will release the witch pack and then in about 8-10 days the space marine one. If you want to see how that looks like, well my graphics guy RGS dev did some solo sprites:

Nope, there are only 2 versions. The basic (5 dollars) and the full (15 dollars). Once you buy the full (V1, V2, V3 etc. ) version all updates are free. So, it doesn't matter if you buy it now or later (when it goes V5, V6 and so on).

Oh, you really did it! Sweeeet

That is in the works. A platformer engine (in GameMaker Studio 2) with a character customizer. In short, no the source code is not included in this programm because it is made to be independent of ide. The idea is to create with this tool images that you can use in your game engine of choise.