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Excellent pack (had to buy it), more of that please! Interested in a cooperation? Then hop in my discord so that we can have a chat.

Great art! Posted this on my small potatoe channel.

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Beautiful font, can you please write in your description what copyright you attach it to? CC0, CC3by ? Commercial use?

Great asset pack, thanks for sharing. Share it with my small community.

What kind of copyright is attached to the art here? (cc3by, cc0?, no commercial use etc.) Please write that in the description text, else I cannot share it with my community.

Oh, and very neat animations, they do look lovely. Great job.

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As always excellent quality for a fair price! Are you interested in a cooperation? I would like to propose 2 things since you already play big part in my game dev pipline (love your art). if yes please come and visit my Discord:

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I would love to purchase (with paypal) but credit card, eh no? Or can you sell it to me directly?
Lovly art by the way.

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Excellent pack! Totally worth the buy.

How can I contact you directly? I may have an offer that could be beneficial for us both. if you want to hop in my official discord channel.

You can find it in the obj_Player, under the "obj_coin" collision event. There I normally add to the xp variable +1, but you can make it as you like,
Is that you also??

Yes, I am to be honest. I am in mid production of a (sidescroller, similar to risk of rain) rouge lite (modern with guns) and in need of detailed 64x64 or higher icons. There are tons of icon sets here on already but all with different styles and honestly too low 32x32 or smaller is too crummy. Also most are limited to one theme (crystals, or flowers) but not in a general purpose way that all games have ( a hp heart, a clock for cooldown etc. ). I would even promote you on my small yt channel if you got a really good selection going on or order buy if you are into that.

This is what most developers need more or less:

Skills in upgrade tree: (health, armor, crit, critchance, super crit, food, mana, subweapon, etc. )
In game temporary passives: health, damages (bleed, burn, freeze, slow etc.), armor, reload, cooldown, special effects, buffs, curses 

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Looking really good for a decent price, I you have more variety I will buy all your packs.

Thanks a lot for the info!

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Is for "any purpose" also commercial included? I want to share your site with my community but am not sure what you mean by "any". Beautiful sprite fonts!

Really cool looking and feeling engine. Pinned on my small potatoe channel your video, well done mate!

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Really good looking pixel art. Interested in a cooperation ( tool here or art for a game)?

Thanks mate!

5 Dollars worth spend for these quality songs. More of that please!

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Cool game! How did you do the clustering of enemies? Any code or link would be much appreciated.

Hey, 1up Indie here. I baught your asset on and wanted to have a chat with you about a mini project. But to send you any messages you need to accept this friendship request (at least that is how I understand how Discrod works).


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Instantly had to buy it. Great job again! Are you interested in a mini collab?

Awesome pack (had to buy both), more please!

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Awesome pack (had to buy both), more please! Are you interested in a mini collab?

Baught the pack, well done. More of that please!

Well, in your case please get familiar with the absolute basics and how GameMaker works. There are plenty of good video tutorial videos on Youtube that show you how to start if you are unsure. The project is based on the tutorial series that builds this from scratch:

Please do understand that I cannot your personal tutor, but if you need some starter help then maybe join my discord channel, where other beginner and advanced developers like you can help you out. Be also aware, that learning all this takes time and cannot be short cutted (programming part). 

To give you a quick run down:
Once you starter GameMaker and loaded (open file) In the project file you see the assets pannel on the right side which consist only of two active folders, sprites (the images) and objects (where all the magic is happening. On the top pannel you can press on the triangle icon or F5 to start and check out the demo/game.

 But if you are only interested in the images, then only download the first two .zips which contrain only that since not everybody wants to use GameMaker.
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You extract the .zip file and open the "Hotline Clone GMS2 Project V 33.yyp" with the current GameMaker. Or what do you mean by "port"?

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Hm, that does not sound good. I wanted to buy all your songs ( I really love your songs, they are well crafted) and use them in a commercial game on Steam  (would credit you of course and throw you a few extra bucks your way since I do spot above average talent). What kind of proposal could you do here?  

Really good tunes. What is the copyright/use on those music files. Is it possible to use those in a commercial video game?

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Hey, once again excellent art. This is an instant buy. Is there way to contact you? Your youtube channel has no contact email and comments are disabled. And I am not really good with the telepathy thing, sorry...
Hope you will answer because I would like to promote you!

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Excellent pack, totally worth getting it. You are pretty much the only one that does these high quality fx packs. Any plans to add a "fat" slash like you see in fighting games like Guilty Gear? You did release a radial one that does look beautiful (exactly the style I am looking for) but I am looking for a foward slash/slam for combat.

Love the graphics and the new movement system, keep it up! Maybe add an auto fire for the regular shot, mouse release is a bit of unorthodox way for a Galaga shootter.

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Baught it and love it. Best looking explosion on hands on! Can you create the same quality for a regular explosion from one point center (not upwards)?