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I suck at actions games, and I've never played a Souls-like, so with that in mind: a lot of the time the game felt unresponsive, like I was merely suggesting something the character to do, and sometimes it would or wouldn't. I don't know if this is the Souls style design where you have to plan your attacks and commit to the whole animation, but to me it felt frustrating and like I wasn't in control. A good example is trying to move, but I can't until the enemy is done attacking me. Another critique is the enemy design, its easy to see where they are but its hard to distinguish their movements, like what they're about to do. Their core/torso just seemed like a dark mass. The warhammer felt weak compared to just spamming LMB attack. But I'm not an action game player so!

Totally fine! It's normal that not everyone will like a game. You have to keep watch your stamina bar (yellow bar at the bottom of the screen) because attacks consume stamina. Deplete that and you'll have to wait until it fills up enough. Dashing also consumes stamina.

However the part about not being able to move even though your character has already finished playing their hurt animation is a bug, and I've been trying to fix that for a long time.