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Hello! As I said in the release announcement, not yet, but I am planning on translating the game in English soon. :) 

Yay! Can't wait for the English version soon! This game looks really cool so I really want to try it :D


Thank you for your interest in the game! :) I'll do my best to release the English version as soon as can, but it will probably take one or two months before I can properly do so. ^^ I'll definitely keep you posted when it's done though!

alright! i didn't see the announcement so im sorry for having you repeat it again haha

but i actually used google translate up until the interactive part of the game 😭💔 i enjoyed it

No problem, I'll also keep you posted as soon as I release the English version! :)

And wow, I'm impressed you went that far with Google translate haha! ^^