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hi I’m getting an error which is “TypeError: Failed to execute ‘createLinearGradient’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The provided double value is non-finite. at Bitmap.gradientFillRect (rpg_core.js: 1289) at Bitmap.gradientFillRect (YEP_CoreEngine.js: 1014) at Window_SavefileList.drawRectFill (TSR_Save.js: 3856) at Window_SavefileList.drawRect (TSR_Save.js: 3848) at Window_SavefileList.drawLine (TSR_Save.js: 3757) at Window_SavefileList.drawSavedOn (TSR_Save.js: 3708) at Window_SavefileList.drawGeneral (TSR_Save.js: 3565) at Window_SavefileList.drawContents (TSR_Save.js: 3519) at Window_SavefileList.drawItem (TSR_Save.js: 3414) at Window_SavefileList.Window_Selectable.drawAllItems (rpg_windows.js: 1256) console.error @ Alpha_ABS_build.js: 4259 “

Could you help me, I was seeing that it only happens if I put sections and add things to the general list

it is urgent :(

your answer would be much appreciated

Hello. First time anyone report this bug. You need to give more details about what other plugins you're using and in what order they are in the plugin manager. Also, what are the 'things' you're trying to add to the general list. Also you need to check if bug occurs when you add 'things' to general section (which is always present), OR when you add other sections.

And finally, my itchio account isn't the right platform for support.  It would be better if you could post your problem in the RPG Web forum thread of the plugin:

Or pm me on the RPG Web forum.

Or contact me on discord.

It is fixed, I just had to put it on top, sorry for the inconvenience and good plugin c:

Glad to hear that.

Good luck with your project!

The invitation to the discord expired xd, could you pass it to me again? I have quite a few questions if it’s not a bother