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The invitation to the discord expired xd, could you pass it to me again? I have quite a few questions if it’s not a bother

It is fixed, I just had to put it on top, sorry for the inconvenience and good plugin c:

hi I’m getting an error which is “TypeError: Failed to execute ‘createLinearGradient’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The provided double value is non-finite. at Bitmap.gradientFillRect (rpg_core.js: 1289) at Bitmap.gradientFillRect (YEP_CoreEngine.js: 1014) at Window_SavefileList.drawRectFill (TSR_Save.js: 3856) at Window_SavefileList.drawRect (TSR_Save.js: 3848) at Window_SavefileList.drawLine (TSR_Save.js: 3757) at Window_SavefileList.drawSavedOn (TSR_Save.js: 3708) at Window_SavefileList.drawGeneral (TSR_Save.js: 3565) at Window_SavefileList.drawContents (TSR_Save.js: 3519) at Window_SavefileList.drawItem (TSR_Save.js: 3414) at Window_SavefileList.Window_Selectable.drawAllItems (rpg_windows.js: 1256) console.error @ Alpha_ABS_build.js: 4259 “

Could you help me, I was seeing that it only happens if I put sections and add things to the general list

it is urgent :(

your answer would be much appreciated