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Hey not trying to be a dick but like it's been 68 days since you said anything last and you said it would be out in May.. like wtf

Hey Crash,

You are completely right, so sorry it has taken so long I really didn't know what I was getting Into before making promises. These past 2 months the game has grown drastically. For the playstation release I needed to release with at least the true barebones of the game on which to build.  The framerate of the game on the PS4 was completely unplayable. as low as 5 FPS in some areas. I had to completely rewrite or change how many of the systems of the game work in order to improve the speed. I added the DLC weapons and Vehicles which needed new animations for all of the characters. New Menus, and shopkeepers  with up to 24 different items for sale including the DLC stuff. New Keys system, and dialog boxes, new quest menu, and Key Items and stuff. A new Codex for all the items in the game that fills as you get them. The Game is now in the Quality Assurance stage with sony, a back and forth of fixing and finding problems. its by appointment and pretty slow, the next appointment is on Tuesday. It also takes exactly 35 minutes from the time I export till its on a playstation to test so every little fix takes so much time. 

I'm going as fast as I can, I just don't have much help. your patience is appreciated and I've added your username along with many others in the community that have waited and helped out.



Hey dude can't wait for the game I can't wait no longer I want to play so bad my stomach hurts I just want to play I am begging you make this game I know you could do it


make it make it make it!!!! I promise I will buy it just make the game please come on!!!!!!! MAKE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


also one more question when it's multiplayer do we both drive in the same car or find other cars can one person drive and one person does not drive it's not even splitscreen we can't drive with up to four people in the game can we???


L so hope this is not wierd but can I please have your number I want to get to know you I am also developing a video game please my friend

Hey Peter,

The game will be out on PS4 soon its going through the QA process, which is Sony making sure its up to par. An example of the kind of revisions:

Bug 11: When the towers attack the horde continuosly, the user will experience very poor frame rate.

the problem was with the bullets. Every time a gun was shot it created a collider to attract the nearby zombies. These attractors would eventually stack up leading to the problem. 

I've fixed the bugs and am waiting back from the sony but this process takes a while as they will get back to me with more bugs to fix and so on. The game will be released as soon as most problems are fixed. It could be very soon or still a few weeks depending on how big the problems found are, and how quickly I can find a solution.

Thanks for the support! Stay tuned,


I sorry to bother you developer but

I wanted to know can me and my sister drive in the same car because you know can we get are own cars are will we have to share a car? thanks for the help so far also tell me when the game is out.

Hey Peter,

In the version that you have, any of the four players can drive the truck and everybody else will get on in the back . From the back of the truck the other players and can shoot and turn around. The new cars all hold a different amount of people including players and NPCs. The game is still in QA, Just finished a new list of bugs and I'm waiting for the next response from them,

I'll let you know when its ready,


Thanks for everything for all the times you went out of your way to help me also thanks for the quick responses

hey Rafi, 

 I have the ps4 version and it's great is there anyway you can tell me why I can't complete the game? I have found all survivors and even a dog lol, but I love it and it does need some bugs fixed. I can't find 3 remaining survivor's there not on the map thanks.

how do you get the ps4 version ?