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Hey Peter,

In the version that you have, any of the four players can drive the truck and everybody else will get on in the back . From the back of the truck the other players and can shoot and turn around. The new cars all hold a different amount of people including players and NPCs. The game is still in QA, Just finished a new list of bugs and I'm waiting for the next response from them,

I'll let you know when its ready,


Thanks for everything for all the times you went out of your way to help me also thanks for the quick responses

hey Rafi, 

 I have the ps4 version and it's great is there anyway you can tell me why I can't complete the game? I have found all survivors and even a dog lol, but I love it and it does need some bugs fixed. I can't find 3 remaining survivor's there not on the map thanks.

how do you get the ps4 version ?