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Wow, you made it to the ending! I also want to take a moment and appreciate the the thumbnail, the blood really adds something.

Sorry I didn't make it clearer that the "story" ended at level 10. There are no more secrets, only anime-flavored despair. At the time I made this game, the only game of mine people didn't absolutely hate was a game that kept going indefinitely. People somewhat enjoyed seeing who got through the most levels. So I thought, "Wow, if I add infinite mode after the game ends, that's gonna be cool, right?" I really don't think it works for a game like Senpai Screams, though, since the gameplay is too repetitive and the levels take too long to complete.

Well that was a long-winded explanation. To sum it up, I liked your video, it's good stuff!


I felt like dabbing some extra clickbait and artistic flare a bit - not my usual thing but, felt like it? xD

No worries, levels were sorta short to me, I went through most the mazes like a breeze, it took me 20 minutes to get to level 15 so that should speak volumes. I didn't do much editing.

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed.