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so for next update can we have weapon customize ,skins,vehicles,payload game mode, actual mini gun. Is that possible?

Because if you do that this game is going to go on a whole new level!!!

Thanks for your suggestions!

  • The next update will most likely be focused on multiplayer. This means that I probably won't be working on other new features until that part is done.
  • Weapon customization and skins are a possible addition, but they would require a lot of work, so it would take a while until we see them done.
  • Payload mode is very unfitting for a game like this; it requires maps especially built and thought-out for this specific purpose. I don't plan on adding this feature, though I might reconsider in the future.
  • Minigun is among the additions I intend to work on.

By the way, please prefer to write a single cumulative comment rather than multiple comments one after the other, it tends to create some confusion :)