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maybe you should consider adding cheats or secrets;)

Almost forgot, congradulations with 500 maps!!!!

Hi i am back, and i would like to suggest more ideas for this game.

So first you should  add more game modes like area control  or something that would be cool to play when you release the online version.

Second you should add armour pick up so you can stay alive longer.

And last you should add arsenals instead of pick up so you can upgrade your weapons and make them better and also don't forget customization :)

thats all

nice new update

Hey GamerX69 can you upload it o I can play on it looks pretty awesome

I really need some guides to how to make maps I am having trouble making maps like this guy has!!

so I just tried it and now it works I don't know what happened.

no i wanted to create a map and upload to public it says i need a uploader name even tho i filled in my email, name and map name can you please help me?

I need some help that I can't upload my map to public it says put your name in even tho idid everything and filled I everything it still won't let me canyon please send a video on how to do that?

I created the map myself so I don't know if that does anything.

so when is next update coming possibly next 3 month?

is multiplayer going to be world wide or local?

So for the capture the flag i played one game and every time my team or enemy team gets a kill the score goes up by 1 so that might be a bug and when ever i capture the flag it goes up by almost 20 so you might want to check that out.

for vehicles you might want to add some terrain like trees,lakes,houses so it will be very fun to play on.

next the juggernaut level might be a good addition because it will be fun when multiplayer comes out.

almost forgot you should add some amour so you have some protection.

and also add a shop system which will allow you to get guns permanently you get cash by fighting online which i suggest you do when online comes out.

and also please notify me when the next update comes out

thanks again junkbyts :)

Ok you might be right  about this few things i kind of didn't think the payload mode through tho you are right needs big maps and lot's of understanding on how to make it.

Weapon customization and character customization a good thing for a game like this.It will make your game look more colorful and alive.

what about if you add vehicles and if a person makes a flat map of which you can fall off you may add a check box in the settings which will make invincible falls so you can't fall off.

What about a juggernaut level in which team is against another team both teams have a juggernaut which has lot's of weapons, health,Armour but moves slowly and both teams have to defend their juggernaut.for the capture the flag can you make it the team that gets up to 5 flags wins and not by the most kills.Finally you might want to make the jet pack look better than a black box.

I might sometimes loose of what  i am thinking and write multiple comments instead of 1 so sorry hope it didn't get you too confused about what i am writing ;)

These were my update ideas good luck and hope you make some great updates!!!

so for next update can we have weapon customize ,skins,vehicles,payload game mode, actual mini gun. Is that possible?

Because if you do that this game is going to go on a whole new level!!!

I know i havent posted a comment here for a long time and i am a bit late for update sorry but well done mate!!!

I knew you could do it man well done congrats with new update!!!!


Ya you are right, anyway I am not going to hurry you take your time.I hope you succeed in making this a great multiplayer game.

i gave you so much ideas

SO when is update coming

Always helpful

Add more game modes like:capture the flag,payload,control points.Will that be possible?Cause right now the game is kind of boring with only teams and free-for-all game modes, I would work on this before making multiplayer.

you know what you can do you can like make a weapon mixer it's basically like, you take a weapon that is already their for example the sniper rifle and then combine it with an RPG and it will become a missile firing sniper rifle, wouldn't that be cool?

Ok thanks for the help also can you make an update to the game so we can creat our own weapons that would be Fantastic.Thanks man Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but also when I create my own map the bots won't move they just stay at spawn and only shoot, please fix this!!!

Awesome game with lot's of maps!!!!!