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Also a fan of that Sir Addlesworth III, although I hope he deserves the honour for serving penguinkind well and it's not just one of those political appointments to please penguin parliament. Got to 93 feeding time fish, thought more would come eventually but it seems the humans have gone away forever now. I have a lot of fish for now (some admittedly stolen from the other penguins) but they will not last forever and I am worried about what will happen when they run out. I hope the humans come back.

There's a lot here! I was curious as to where the heat mechanic would go.

I was frequently getting a popup with info about my ID badge for some reason, had to open and close the inventory to make it go away again.


I'll have a look into why the humans have disappeared. Feeding time is meant to happen every day cycle...

There will be a kind of "fail" mechanic when and if your energy and health reaches zero... I'm still deciding on how t implement this further.

I'm aware of the item-info-popup appearing and am still trying to work out why its happening... Well I know why its happening I'm just trying to work out the steps that cause it to happen...

All of the penguins will have a back story brought forward at some point. Although this is currently unwritten, Sir Addlesworth III's story is going to be an interesting one!