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Not too much to say about this one, this game is just amazing and is aiming to become one of my favorites spaceship shooters.
My only observations about it are: 

  • Pressing esc to continue feels weird, probably makes sense when using a controller (pause button I assume) but for a keyboard layout I would use Z or X like the rest of the menus do. 
  • Full screen mode (on a 1366x768 screen) isn't pixel perfect, is a shame because the beautiful art gets distorted (specially noticeable on the dithering)
And a small question: Is the main guitar on Stage 1's theme a real guitar or a very good synth/VSTi? Sounds great.
Again, I have no words to say how much I love this game. Great job!

Thanks for playing, I'm ecstatic you like it so much!

Z used to be the button to continue, but some people cominted they were continuing without even knowing what happened, so I thought it'd make more sense (if a little annoying) to move it to the start button so you atleast have to make conscious thought about it. Full screen will scale to whatever your monitor resolution is, so only even scales of 640x360 (720p,1080p,etc) will escape being all strechy and weird. I'm looking into black bar options to keep it pixel perfect in full screen, but for now stick with windowed.

Also, the guitar is real! It's got a vst amp/pedals and some post processing effects that make it sound sorta synthy.


Believe me, this game deserves that and much more. Lots of respect to everyone working on it!
Yeah, I suspected you weren't using Z to continue because of that. Don't worry about it, it was a mostly a personal pet peeve, and I planned to play it with a controller later anyway.
Black bars will be a great addition,  I found myself fighting against those scaling issues for my game too, and in the end solved it by letting the player choose even resolutions and then stretching that with antialiasing for the full screen mode (so on a 768 monitor the game will actually run at 720p, getting a little stretched) of course some minor blur will be involved, but I find it barely noticeable. 
Really nice effect there on the guitar, it totally has some synthy and retro sound that fits perfectly with the game while still sounding like the real thing.