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Really simple but fun game.
I was surprised that it uses a different set of rules than the one I used to play at school. Adding different sets of rules could be an interesting way to make the game bigger  and increase replayability. 
Having an AI and netplay on this is an amazing idea, as this is the kind of game that sometimes you want to play but can't if you are alone. Great Job!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad to know you enjoyed it! Yeah, better (more like, actual) AI and netplay are my main goals for this game.

Oh, and do tell me about this different rule set. I learned this game from my sister, and that's basically the only person I played it with. 

No problem, I'm glad I could help!
I learned the game from people at school, the rules we used were:
  • Each player only can  make one short line (the lenght of a square's side) per turn. 
  • If your line closes one square you mark it as yours.
  • If closing that square gives you the chance to make another one by adding only one line you can close it and mark it too.

Made a small gif in case my explanation wasn't clear: