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Compared to DD14, I got farther in my attempts (up to the miniboss in Level 2 instead of dying to the boss in Level 1.)

A lot of the stuff that felt hard to react to before felt easier to react to. Specifically, the small laser guys in Level 1. I don't know if I got better or if you touched those up, but I enjoyed my session more this time around. I also really appreciated the ship outline and hitbox options. Still love the aesthetic. Love the title itself and the cover art with the ship.

Not spawning power-ups during boss fights seems a little cruel, but if you want to punish those deaths hard that's fair.

Thanks for playing!
Level 1 got toned down a bit (especially the laser dudes, they were a little too fast last build), but all that practice carrying over also helps.

The first 3 bosses actually do spawn powerups mid boss, but they're kinda hidden as to not encourage farming them. The level 2 bosses do not, at all, however.