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Let's discover: The Cleric

The third hero that we are going to talk this time is the Cleric. This character don't excel in particular things but overall has medium stats compared to the other heroes. With the future development of the game some special ability will shine from this holy fighter, in the #lowrezjam version of the game he has a special ability that we'll discover soon reading this post.


The Cleric have an average LIFE and MIND score, while the stamina is comparable to the one of the Warrior and Mage. The good score in Life and Mind, make the Cleric the more versatile in surviving any kind of enemy attack.

As the Warrior, the Cleric fight in melee but bashing the enemies with the mace instead slashing with the long sword. This weapon, not only deals 2 points of damage to the enemies but is used in different way from the attacks of the other heroes. While all the others attacks tent to push the enemies back, the mace is used to squash the enemies on the spot and push them behind the hero. In this way he can be in front line and advance making space in front of him, while passing weakened enemies to the companion behind that can finish them easily. This attack is also useful to pull away enemies that are surrounding another hero, giving chance to escape from death.

Special ability:
The Cleric is the protector of the righteous, brings light in the darkness and disbands the vile corruption. When leveling up, the holiness that is inside this hero, will restore his health to its maximum score.

Leveling up:
Once finished the first level, this hero changes their score in the following way:

LIFE: 9 (Restore full score thanks to the special ability)
STAMINA: 6 (Stamina is totally recovered at the end of the level)
MIND: 9 (Stamina is totally recovered at the end of the level)

Don't miss next appointment, we'll talk about the last (for this jam version of the game) hero, the Mage!

Thank you for reading! :-)