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Interestingly I am working on a TPP camera script too. First of all I prefer a TPP cam that always follows the player, but that's just personal preference.

I see you warp the camera on sight obstruction trough the geometry. This may lead to more obvious clipping artefacts with textures and low framerates. The alternative, a jump-cut, may be clipping-wise saver, but it's also pretty abrupt. It is a dilemma of these systems, but is game geometry really so ehrm - obstructive? How often do we walk behind a row of pillars?

I would also smooth the positioning of the camera based on mouse movementX, but again, just personal preference. I've got a smoothing parameter in mine, allowing rigid 1:1 translation, up to a lag that feels like a camera man is trying to catch up with a runaway... "hey, not so fast!"!

All in all good job, pro quality. The warping is ok in a fast paced game. But one day one of us will implement a-star pathfinding so the camera can physically correct circumvent phong-shaded cubes :)

Thank you so much for this feedback! We will be working on the camera for sure, and your tips are super helpful. We will be updating the build regularly from now on, so feel free to come back and check it our from time to time.

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You're welcome. I was just thinking: a slightly diffrent approach, probably more eyefriendly, may be:

-on sight obstruction generate new random angle from the player to the camera

-find the legal (non-sight-obstructive) camera position at this new angle via linepick player vs world and jump-cut to that position

Because during my rare appearance in film school (not trying to impress, just backing up the point) I have learned that when editing a video, you would always want to have a significantly different angle (without to cross the axis between a dialog of two persons however), resulting in what is perceived much more like an appropriate cinematic touch. Whether it would be a pain for ones eyes in a fast paced game with like 4 jump-cuts per second? Maybe.

edit: just played the latest version. Is geometry supposed to be normal-mapped like in the title image? Here it wasn't, it was white, except for the red path. This is a cheap notebook with ~2018 intel onboard graphics and  tested in the BRAVE browser, as well as in Edge and Firefox..