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You're welcome. I was just thinking: a slightly diffrent approach, probably more eyefriendly, may be:

-on sight obstruction generate new random angle from the player to the camera

-find the legal (non-sight-obstructive) camera position at this new angle via linepick player vs world and jump-cut to that position

Because during my rare appearance in film school (not trying to impress, just backing up the point) I have learned that when editing a video, you would always want to have a significantly different angle (without to cross the axis between a dialog of two persons however), resulting in what is perceived much more like an appropriate cinematic touch. Whether it would be a pain for ones eyes in a fast paced game with like 4 jump-cuts per second? Maybe.

edit: just played the latest version. Is geometry supposed to be normal-mapped like in the title image? Here it wasn't, it was white, except for the red path. This is a cheap notebook with ~2018 intel onboard graphics and  tested in the BRAVE browser, as well as in Edge and Firefox..