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Hey I’ve played your game on stream again. At first I could not remember why you were on my list, but now I realize it’s because I liked Metal Nomad last time and was curious about your new game! it was the last game, starts at around 3:18:00.

Solid entry, it respects the theme quite well. There’s a contrast between the smooth voice and the quite stressful gameplay.

I would prefer the controls to be more responsive, I feel it takes too much time to change direction for example (because of the inertia). But maybe it’s a design choice to make the game harder.

The graphics are nice, I liked that 2D and 3D mix!


Thank you for playing the game and providing feedback! Also thanks alot for playing it on your stream, it is always interesting to see others play your game and see how they interpret the challenges 😁

Hmm, yeah you are right about the controls. Certainly because luring our enemies can be quite precise. I’ll keep it in mind for next the jam 😊