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Sander Vanhove

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This game is great! 🤗 I love all the different weapons 😏

Waah, I loved this game! Such a lovely and contemplative experience 😍

Are you sure? 🤔

Thank you so much for playing and making a video about it! 🤗 Your reaction is hilarious 😂

Thanks dude! Well, maybe we’re preparing some new levels 😏

I’m so glad you finally see the game we made for you! 🤗

Thank you Ema, I’m glad you liked it 🤗

Hehe thanks for playing! Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time for a propper end 😅

I found 9 of them! Great little game, good fun/effort balance 😂

Practice makes perfect 😁

Thank you! 🤗 Do you want the arm or the game to be longer 🤔

I just had to beat your score, but to be honest, it was really hard 😂

Super intense game! Love the graphics 😍

Thank you so much! 🤗

Just one more try, I’m sure you’ll get it now 😉

Thanks! And agreed 😛

Hehe thanks DotMouse 😁

We’re working on it 😅

Hi! 👋😁

Hi! 👋😁

Because by that time you’ve learned the mechanic 😅 But it’s true that the first level could be easier.

Well done! 🤗

Now that’s an idea 😏

Someone finished it on a trackpad, but it is definitely hard mode plus to do so 😂

Thank you! 🤗 Yeah true, I didn’t add a score because you can finish the game if you survive long enough 😉

Thanks! Glad you like it 🤗

You’re playing extra-hard mode 😮

(1 edit)

Hi Manji! Thanks for playing. I’m glad you like the game 😁

Yeah, that is a known bug. It happens when you move the mouse faster than the physics engine can follow 😅

I made the perfect portrait 😁 Fun little game to mess around with! 🤗

Thank you so much for playing our little game! 🤗 I’m glad you enjoyed playing it and have to say that you are indeed very good at breaking it! 🤣

Thank you Ema, I’m glad you like it 😊

Hehe thanks! We felt like this extra context was adding a lot 😊

Omg, thanks! 😁

Thank you Manisha! 🤗

Thank you Mykyta! 🤗 We did our best 😊

Oooh, thank you Sawyheart! 🤗 The menu music was just from google somewhere 😬 We should credit it!

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah, because of the 20 second restriction and the gameplay is quite new to most players, we wanted the menu screen to function as a little tutorial and experimentation area 🤗

Thank you so much Bonki! I really enjoyed your entry too 🤗

Hehehe having fun is all that matters! 😁

Thanks man! 😁