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Sander Vanhove

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I got a high score of 243 😎 Jordi created a masterpiece, good that you could ride along Tommy!

Thank you so much! πŸ€— I’m happy people make their own game within the game by playing around with the physics and systems πŸ˜„

Thank you! πŸ€— Yeah, I wanted to have a little toy in the menu for the player to play around with πŸ˜›

Thank you Denis! πŸ€— I’m happy somebody noticed the volcano animations 😁

We can live with dinos! πŸ€—

Really had to laugh with your tutorial! Great explanation 😁 Unfortunately the game would often throw an error, I wasn’t able to finish a single match πŸ˜• Matching the dinos was fun though 😊

I ran for 6 miles 😎

Thank you! πŸ€— Yeah, I used the beta of Godot 4, which has some quirks still πŸ˜… But I’m glad you enjoyed the game 😁 Quack!

Hehe thanks! πŸ€— Yeah I wanted the player to have a little toy to play with in the menu so they could already practice the mechanic of headbutting πŸ˜›

Thank you Brandon 😁

Aw thank you! πŸ€— Yeah I’m kinda unsure about releasing just toys, although I have a bunch of them lying around, maybe I should just post them and see what people think 😁

Thank you! πŸ€— Yeah prototyping this was all about getting satisfying movement without any goal πŸ˜›

Pretty fun game, made me think of this old Runescape quest where you had to chain a bunch of trades like this too! I did make it past the hungry end-boss πŸ˜› It was also a little rough around the edges like someone else here commented. But I was happily surprised that the white arrows showed you the houses that still had an active NPC in them, great touch πŸ‘Œ

Thanks Lina! 😁 There is no counter because you can finish the game if you survive long enough πŸ˜‰

Such a nice chill game πŸ€—

Such a fun experience, just chilling out with the dinos, having them pose for the picture πŸ€—

Ooh thanks Munnica 😁 I’m so glad you like the game πŸ€—

Thank you so much Manisha πŸ€—

Hehe thanks Paco! πŸ€— Yeah, underestimate the power of these dice! πŸ˜›

2:34 😎 Love the simplicity and just chilling out. The meteors give enough challenge but you can wait on them if you want πŸ˜› Great work man, you rock!

That’s a very good first try, to be honest! 🀩 Thanks for playing!

But teams are not allowed πŸ‘€

Interesting πŸ€”

Thank you so much! πŸ€—

Love how chill this is! πŸ€—

Although I love the concept of surviving as long as possible with your squad, this game ramps up way too fast in difficulty πŸ˜…

The trail was a lot of fun to just play around with. A tutorial might have helped with knowing what to do. But the music and presentation of the game are great!

The concept of gathering water from plants to survive in the desert is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t need to find any plants because the 7 things you collect refill your hydration too. And from the moment I required plants to survive, I couldn’t find any πŸ˜…

Thank you so much Theioti! πŸ€— I’m glad it resonated with you 😊

Thank you very much Kolvag πŸ€—

Loved it! Was a little hard, but that’s ok πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you so much Rickylee! 😍 I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ€—

Thank you so much Jay πŸ€—

Really a great little tower defence you have here! πŸ€— Loved it! Really had to laugh with the frog selection sound πŸ˜‚

Thank you so much! Yeah, one of the great things is to see players connect in their own way with their own experiences and emotions. Thank you for playing! πŸ€—

Hehehe great little shooter! 😁 It was pretty hard, but I managed to get 31 seconds 😎 Loved the humor too.

But as one Godot dev to another, make a production build next time so we don’t see all your warnings popping up in the console 😜 Also a quit button would be great, ALT+F4 is so 2005 πŸ˜‚

Keep it up, hope to see you in a future jam!

Thanks Wandering Panda πŸ€—

This game is hard πŸ˜… But I like the concept! I think you did a great job of creating different hazards and all these systems of doors. But the controls are a little finicky and the characters is quite big which makes him bump into every obstacle by accident. πŸ˜… It would also have been better if every kind of hazard was introduced in a more safe way first. Keep it up, hope to see you in a future jam! 😊

Thank you! πŸ€—

Thank you so much Antoine! πŸ€— Yeah someone else also made the connection to Undertale and now I can not unsee it 🀣