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Okay Let me reply to all your points

"Let me stop you for a bit there: this is not a harem" Never said it was, just said, it's oversaturated and if you wish to keep going there, go ahead but you're going to need to make it MORE engaging, other than just putting animations and expecting people to play it like that.

"My intention isn't really amusing anyone but myself" that's great, it's definitely nice to be a developer who also amuses himself, but think about your possible target audience, you think they will think about that? remember what's amusing to you, it's not neccessarily amusing to anyone else.

"The highlight of this game for me is its superb voice acting" Good, that's great and nice to be proud of it, but don't just have ONE thing be the highlight, specially something like voice acting, in order for voice acting to matter even more is to make the story engaging and gameplay engaging to in the case of Games. "My story is just that, a story. And very focused on being a story from minute 1. If you wish for more interactive visual novels, there's a huge range from something more novel-like such as Telltale's work, or something more heavy on gameplay such as Bioware's games. If you want it to be specifically furry, may I suggest Stories: Path of Destinies? It was really good and imaginative!" Aaaand here is your problem, I know, your game it's free, that's cool, but still you need criticism, like everyone else, you're a game developer like me, or like a lot of people around this web, saying

"My story is good for 1 minute" just makes me think you're very sensitive to criticism, even if it's a 1 minute story, put all of your effort to make it matter and impact the player, again, just make a visual novel with voice acting and random expressions, isn't engaging enough, you need to put a little more effort into it.

"But basing most of your review on "I get bored reading, make it more amusing" is complaining about something that simply isn't suited to your tastes nor targeted at you as a potential demographic."

Here is an Advice Marketing wise, don't ever scare your customers away like that or tell them "it's not for you", NO, Criticism Matters a lot, again, you're a game developer, you need to learn to listen to complaints and see what you can do next time, otherwise, scaring away potential customers will make it hard for you to sell games when you actually need to sell a game, maybe you're a hobby developer, and that's great but even if you're a hobby developer, you still need to apply this to you, there is a Difference between a Hater and a Customer who tried the product and it's trying to help you to make it better.

In Short: What I meant was, you've got potential, but DO IT better, ever heard the saying "execution matters" ? here it is, you need better execution, you want to make a visual novel? Great, but make it more engaging, don't throw me the "It's just for me" because, that's a mentality that kills Game development, you need to develop for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS, if a Customer tells you something, try to listen, don't shield yourself like that, sorry for the big response, but really, I love the Furry fandom, and when I meet Furry game developers, you gonna bet I do my best to criticize them, so they can make a GREAT job, you have a potential as seen by the story and VA, all you need, it's to execute it better and don't go into "Klace mode" of "It's because i made it for myself, i'm great" go for a much better aim, sorry if I sounded rude at first, but yeah, that's what I meant.

Good afternoon, thank you for your extended review. Here are my thoughts in exchange. I want to make sure that this doesn't come off as arguing; I think that your thoughts are valid, but I'm trying to share my own view about the project.

My intended audience, thankfully, has shown great interest in the game as is. I always think of my audience, of course, and what my intended demographic IS composed of: "16-30, likely male, most likely a fantasy and comedy reader (ideally a discworld fan), enjoys comics and/or animation and isn't bothered by furry art or is furry. Would enjoy text-rich novels and heavy lore as a byproduct of the fantasy reader part." I seek criticism from these people all the time, and make adjustments based on their reactions.

If you get tired by reading a lot and look for something more dynamic, you're objectively outside of the part of the audience that I intend to reach, and there's nothing wrong with that! But what it means is that this game is made with someone different in mind. You're the first person to bring up any of this, but there will surely be more in years to come. In this case, you're a very small fraction of the playing base.

The point is, what you require isn't the same as what most of my audience requires and the game isn't tailored to suit your likes for that reason, hence my previous post. Changing the gameplay would alienate the people that I make the game for, and I honestly wouldn't care for it either. I suggested the games I suggested because I enjoyed them, but I wanted to make a point that I didn't want my game to look anything close to either of them at the end of the day.

On another tangent, I never said my story is "good for one minute" but that it is meant to be a story —a novel— from minute one. And it's written to be obvious in its way of tarting with a narrator that presents a text heavy introduction. This is meant to be a book with complements, not a story heavy game. "Effort", as you mentioned, has been put into making it so; three months, just me, taking care of everything day by day. And I honestly love the result, it's all I ever wanted it to be.

If after this you still think that I'm being selfish or shielding myself, I do apologize. If not, I'd be thankful for having you around in future developments.

Once more, thank you very much!


Well I hope we do keep contact after this, if you have any other projects in mind, I hope to see them soon, I think you really have potential, but you also could expand your horizons a little, if you can make a visual novel, you could always try more genres, after all, the furry fandom seems to be stagnant on visual novels only, maybe you can make the difference later, but who knows, c: also I think your characters are indeed cute, lol. 

Thanks! I hope I can make something in the future that you'll enjoy to the fullest too! :D