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Let's start the journey!

Are you ready for start your adventure?

Before you start, it is better to know how the game works. Today we talk about the stats bars.

As you have already notice, 64x64 ill-fated provides 3 bars for each character, the top one in red shows your life, the second one in yellow is the stamina and the last one in blue is your mind.

During the game you have to keep an eye at those stats, they are very important for your survival. Each bar is large maximum five pixels and every pixel represents one point in that stats. So if your life bar is large 3 pixels it means that you have 3 life point left. In case a stat score is higher than 5 a new brighter bar will appear on top and so on every 5 points.

LIFE - If your life reaches zero you are dead and you cannot play anymore with your character, your friends can still play the game and try to fight they way until the end without you.

STAMINA - Every time you attack, you use a stamina point, when you reach zero you became exhausted and cannot attack anymore but you can still move around. Every few second that you are not attacking, you recover one stamina point.

MIND - Mind is important as well as the other stats, in this game version it is used lightly but it will be more important in future versions of the game. Some monsters attacks affect your sanity, if your mind reaches zero you become insane and it will be harder to control your player around. The game might seems bugged to you, but in reality your character became insane... Be careful because you recover your mind only at the end of the level!

At the end of the level, your characters will level up and they will earn some points depending on the character, these points will increase the maximum and current value of each stat.

Keep following us, next time we'll discover the characters in details.