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Hi, MikeyBlighe!

I also got your comment on GameJolt, but I prefer to reply here because I get to use Itch's client software.

I don't mind my game being shoved on the back of your vlog, actually. Gameplay's a bit too short to fill up one video anyway, and I think your content (from what little I've seen so far) is good enough to make me want to see the whole thing.

Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo to Soluna's Secret. Be assured that I am working on a follow up, and that there will be more game available some time in the future.

In case you were wondering, the tall, slim objects that kept appearing in the lantern's light were crystals, powering the mechanism that opens the door. Don't feel bad about not figuring that out. Nothing in the game so far tells you this. It's honestly something I slapped together at the last minute, and is on my to-do list to spruce up.

I'm also surprised you brought up the story blurb I put in the description. I was starting to think no-one would. It will probably be fully implemented into the game's final version.

Finally... no.

 Soluna's Secret is not that she had indoor plumbing. Sorry to dissapoint you. Kudos for making me smile.

Hey Callum, sorry I've been so silent on responding. Life kinda got in the way a little.

Thanks for understanding when it comes to having to use your game as a stopgap, I did really enjoy what was there and wanted to make sure I utilised it the best way I could so I could still use it!

I like to make sure I mention any game's story as written up by the dev, so people know what's going on. Otherwise I'd be making my own nonsense up and the devs would just laugh at me / be annoyed / possibly use my made-up ideas to replace their own story (much less likely). So yeah, no worries, if a dev has put the effort in to actually make a story I'll be sure to mention it!

Gotta say I'm a tad disappointed that indoor plumbing isn't the big plot point. Darn. Guess I'll wait and see then =)

Thanks for watching my weird little playthrough, and thanks for the response!