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Hey Guys,

I'm finding that with the new 2.1 update there may be a problem with the town generation?

Whether I start on a small world with quick start or medium world with Custom game, about 50% - 60% of the towns only have 1 grocery shop in them. Some towns only have 1 or 2 other  stores and that's it.  I am still to find a seed with all the different shops in them for maximum variety.

Edit 1:

E.g. Started a medium world this is what I got:

Town 1 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 2 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware

Town 3 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Book Store

Town 4 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 5 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 6 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware Store

Tried quick starting new worlds various times and I keep getting more or less the same composition

Edit 2:

Okay, after logging my results a few times:

3 Towns - 3 Grocery Stores

2 Towns - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type A

1 Town - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type B

I get this composition every time  

Edit 3:

For anyone else having the same problem and want a little more variety. Make a new custom world and set the World Gen Frequency to high and you get 1 extra different type store. (Sorry for the wall of text, really like the game so far btw).

This is intentional: towns grow if they have food, and shrink if they don't; so they need the grocery. In an upcoming update, we'll introduce Farmer Markets and detail all this in a new tutorial section

Makes perfect sense, disregard :)