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Hey guys, amazing job with the updates really enjoying the game thus far!

Just wanted to highlight a small typo on the Iron Mine in the tech tree interface and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Makes perfect sense, disregard :)

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Hey Guys,

I'm finding that with the new 2.1 update there may be a problem with the town generation?

Whether I start on a small world with quick start or medium world with Custom game, about 50% - 60% of the towns only have 1 grocery shop in them. Some towns only have 1 or 2 other  stores and that's it.  I am still to find a seed with all the different shops in them for maximum variety.

Edit 1:

E.g. Started a medium world this is what I got:

Town 1 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 2 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware

Town 3 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Book Store

Town 4 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 5 - 1 Grocery Store

Town 6 - 1 Grocery Store; 1 Hardware Store

Tried quick starting new worlds various times and I keep getting more or less the same composition

Edit 2:

Okay, after logging my results a few times:

3 Towns - 3 Grocery Stores

2 Towns - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type A

1 Town - 1 Grocery Store & Other Type B

I get this composition every time  

Edit 3:

For anyone else having the same problem and want a little more variety. Make a new custom world and set the World Gen Frequency to high and you get 1 extra different type store. (Sorry for the wall of text, really like the game so far btw).

Thanks for the quick reply! Great to see you guys are really on top of things. Really great game, keep up the amazing work.  :)

Hey guys, purchased the game today and so far it looks great. 

One query/suggestion:

With the animal farms for instance, if only one component of production is being used e.g. Meat and no other, then the meat stops being produced as soon as any other component reaches maximum capacity. Is there a way of dumping the unused components without manually doing it? If not my suggestion would be a  waste plant of some sort to assist the early game so that production isn't halted and you can continue producing the goods that are being used until you can find a use for the other components.