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Thanks for the report!

What I can gather from your error log is that the object which is calling the "execute after 60 frames" was deleted/destroyed in the meantime? I thought I caught all errors of that type, but I might have missed a checked somewhere. I will look into it and update when I find the error.

It would be really helpful if you could share your project with me, so I can debug it faster (you can also create a new project that reproduces the same bug). You can reach me via ribbyteapps at-symbol

If you find any more bugs, feel free to report all of them.

I just sent you the file that reproduces this bug. The problem is, I think when you try to use Muffel system in objects that weren't put manually to the room. If the object has some muffel functions and is created by another object, then you will get the error.