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#2 Basic Movement Stuff
A few days have passed and I've been taking some time to develop and test the basic movement mechanics I wanted to implement.  The engine I use is Construct2, which is generally very practical and friendly towards artists and designers with no hardcore programming skills like myself.

The core idea is that beyond just jumping and walking, the player character will be able to climb walls and cling to the ceiling. You can perform wall jumps, jump from a wall to the ceiling, from the ceiling to platforms and so on. This wide range of mobility gives me a lot of options when designing levels, so I hope to be able to give them a lot of variety on their challenges.

So far, the thing looks like this:

So, the basic movement mechanics are done and I think they feel pretty good. The prototype code was very messy, but yesterday I took some time to clean it up and write down notes on everything. So far this is probably the cleanest and most organized event sheet I ever did on C2, which makes me very happy. One of the best parts is that I already took time to implement both Gamepad and Keyboard support!

However, the movement part is not completely done yet. There are still some actions and moves I want to do like crouching and sliding that will be tied to the combat mechanics. For that I'm going to need assets, as they make it easier to get a good idea of weight, range and the general feel of the controls. I already started to experiment with an art style so we will probably be talking about them soon.

Until the next one! \ (• ◡•)