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this has gotta be the most perfect civilisation/panzergeneral style game i have ever played. the graphics are amazing, the mechanics are amazing, the art is amazing (so cute!), the difficulty is just perfect, i wasted so many hours on this and loved wasting so many hours on this.

ABSOLUTE BLAST you should apply to join Firaxis or something, they're probably hiring

1. good to have more levels, more maps! the campaign style was incredible, with well tailored situations and new arrangements that never repeated a previous level, but 7 levels is TOO LITTLE it's like buying some $50 pasta and eating it, tastes like heaven but the portion is TOO DAMN LITTLE (ok not demanding from you just wanna express how much i love this that it's a tragedy there isn't more!! will look at supporting you!)

2. adding some water elements would be cool! maybe bridge building units, or upgrades that can let a unit wade through a bit of shallow water...

I'm generally trying to think of how to improve the replay value so that it's fun to do a level multiple times, especially in letting people use multiple strategies (i usually go for a archer/pikeman/horse army, because the footman has no range and knights are really expensive to get)...

3. maybe add more terrain and enemy types? or game mechanics? would be cool to have a fog of war and a scout unit that's weak but fast! or maybe needing to keep some defences supplied with a bunch of towns far in the rear, have a heavy cannon unit that hits hard but takes 2 turns to load. or a symmetrical map that's a race to the middle to capture some key objective, or launching a surprise attack to destroy enemy spawn camps...

really good fun overall, thanks for making this :)

Hey, thanks for your kind compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game!

Atm I'm not working on this project but I plan to make another Settlers of Albion game in the future, and I'm gathering all the feedback from my players. Thank you for your constructive feedback!