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There is a walkthrough  you can watch.

Glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for telling me about the broken link
Here is the new link:

I love this game!!!!

I encourage the developers to get back into developing this game. It has so much potential and the developers are so talented.

Hey, thanks for your kind compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game!

Atm I'm not working on this project but I plan to make another Settlers of Albion game in the future, and I'm gathering all the feedback from my players. Thank you for your constructive feedback!

Hey, thanks for your suggestions. I think they're on point. I will add all these to my to-do list.

Thank you a lot for your support, it means a lot!!

Really like your suggestions, at the moment I've put the game on hold, but I will continue working on it when the time is right for me.
I appreciate your constructive feedback, and I agree with all your points. I've put these all on my to-do list.

Hey thanks for the feedback, hope the game wasn't too overwhelming without the tutorial. I agree about the balancing aspects and I'm constantly working on it. I like your ideas about the settlers starting cheaper and you are right about the lumber camp, it shouldn't cost wood. As for the fow I will think on it, since I plan on releasing this game before the second week of August and there are more important mechanics that need work atm.

We need more of these!