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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I was inspired by DR, which is also a lifetime favorite for me! In fact, for a long time I didn't know that there was a whole genre of games with similar mixes of RPG and tile-based puzzles ("Puzzle RPG")!

Based all the feedback I've received, including yours, I think the main problem of the game is a lack of a tutorial (or at least a screen with instructions). Trying to learn how to play results in dying in 2-3 turns without understanding what happened. The feedback for the attacks is the animation of the enemies (which shrink and then grow), but yes, that's not enough for a person playing for the first time. I'm currently trying to make a clear tutorial. Let's hope that improves the game!

I'm not sure about what happened with the sound. All the versions are exactly the same; the web version does have sound! If possible, I'd like you to try again, mainly because I'd like you to check how the music goes with the 30 seconds; I think it causes a nice tension effect.

Thanks again!