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This reminds me of Dungeon Raid which is one of my favourite mobile games ever.

Pretty fun gameplay, although I feel like there's a lack of feedback in this game, and dying seems all too sudden. Understand that due to the tight gameplay period (30seconds) you don't want too many animations to occur but at least some feedback in terms of damage on health like in Dungeon Raid would be useful. Also rather than numbers, having things as a bar would give a quicker indication of how much health / time you have left, as the serif font is pretty but gets in the way of readability (which is crucial in a quick game like this).

The instructions aren't that clear as well, as it seems that stuff that are of the same kind gets removed, rather than all adjacent tiles.

I like the color scheme, the version I played (web game) didn't have sounds though. 

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I was inspired by DR, which is also a lifetime favorite for me! In fact, for a long time I didn't know that there was a whole genre of games with similar mixes of RPG and tile-based puzzles ("Puzzle RPG")!

Based all the feedback I've received, including yours, I think the main problem of the game is a lack of a tutorial (or at least a screen with instructions). Trying to learn how to play results in dying in 2-3 turns without understanding what happened. The feedback for the attacks is the animation of the enemies (which shrink and then grow), but yes, that's not enough for a person playing for the first time. I'm currently trying to make a clear tutorial. Let's hope that improves the game!

I'm not sure about what happened with the sound. All the versions are exactly the same; the web version does have sound! If possible, I'd like you to try again, mainly because I'd like you to check how the music goes with the 30 seconds; I think it causes a nice tension effect.

Thanks again!