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As you said the tutorial is a little hard to figure out lol. And sometimes when I shoot, the virus seems don't get the damage. And I think it might be intended that your bullet pill will be blocked by other pills, but it was a little confusing at first why the shoot does not shoot anything out.

I hope when hit happens, there will be some feedback like sound or animation or just a flash.

The shortcut on the top right corner is confusing. I tap one and it sends me back to the menu lol.

hey man, thanks for playing the game. The bullets can hit the cells you are protecting sometimes when the virus is infecting them, it was sort of intended. The game is about using the B cells to do most the work(The small cells). The shortcuts are like so, M for Menu, R is for restart, P is for pause, T is to show the tutorial page. we made them so players can either use the keys or click on them, just to make them alot easier to use. 

Thanks for the great comment tho!