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I really enjoyed this game and only found one major issue - opening that darn lockbox.. There's really no indicator of where I should click to open it so I had to fiddle with it every time I tried.

I thought there was an issue with trying to escape the monster at the end but, it turns out I just didn't see the locker inside the church. After I hid in it, I was able to complete the game (although the monster was a bit pushy and wouldn't let me get into the locker at first xD).

I liked the atmosphere, the music/sounds, the visual style, and all the little details I found while exploring the cemetary (had fun reading those inscriptions).  I played one of your other games, "Not All There," and must say I really enjoy what I've seen so far. Looking forward to more!


Thanks for the detailed feedback and thanks for playing, more games are coming for sure. Thanks again!