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Lady Random

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Thanks for the game, Mister Timore~ Had a lot of fun!

Really enjoyed this one. The twist ending was great~!
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Would have liked a bit more lore on the cultists and the game ended a bit abruptly but, this was really good. Favorite episode so far!

This was awesome. Only suggestion I have is make the sparkles (when you're looking for the stuff on the shopping list) a bit more visible. I had a hard time finding a couple of the items.

The remake was good but, I enjoyed the alternate story more.


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I ran into a couple bugs that made the game freeze: Once when I was trying to open the lockbox after using the passcode and another after I took the second key from the note. Might also help to make the first key a bit more visible. Otherwise, I enjoyed the demo. The jump scares are fun and I love the voice acting for the creepy dolls. This looks promising; Keep up the good work.

I was initially drawn to this because of the beautiful visuals but, this is a fantastic little survival game. I'm not usually the biggest survival game horror fan but, this one is so well done I just had to beat it. The only suggestion I have is to possibly add some kind of visual cue when the monsters show up for players that may be hearing impaired. Also, thank you for the added controller support!

This was awesome. I adore pixel art horror games and I can't wait for the full release. Has already been wishlisted! Thanks for the demo!

This was a really cool experimental game. Would love to see more~

It had a couple of goofy jump scares but, I think this is a good start for a first horror game. Everything works and there are no issues. Keep up the good work~

This is very well done. You are very talented and I can definitely see the improvements since I played, "The Shopping List." I really like the inclusion of different puzzles and horror elements (like the diving sequence.) The voice acting was a nice touch too. 

Only two things I can suggest: some of the driving sequences were a bit long and I feel like they could have been cut down. The music is great but, some of it's copyrighted and I think you should mention that. 

Thank you for the game! I'm looking forward to your next horror creation~

I think my only issue is with how slow the walking was in game. Maybe, it could be sped up just a bit. Otherwise, this was a solid first entry and I got some nice Fatal Frame vibes from it. Looking forward to the next part.

Fun little horror game. Only issue is dog barking is a bit too loud when checking the second note~

It's quite possible the flashlight was bugged too

Fantastic as usual. I love your games!

After you click "Use", you have to press the F key to turn it on/off.

For a game made in less than 24 hours, it's not too bad. My biggest issue was trying to clean up the blood  with the Mop. It was a bit wonky trying to figure out the exact spot/way to clean up the blood. This made it extremely difficult to get ending 2...well the way I'm assuming you get it. 

I'm guessing you have to clean up the final blood spill with the monster chasing you but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to do this no matter how much I tried. If that's not the way to get ending two, you have me completely stumped! thanks for the game~

Nice, short and creepy...just the way I like em!

Nice little horror game. Got a good scream out of me!

This is one of my all-time indie horror games and The Black Cat Update doesn't fail to disappoint~

The twist was great!

I really enjoyed this demo and I'm looking forward to the full game.  A couple of bugs I encountered: the AI for the IT guy got him stuck and killing one of the baddies on the stairs made it impossible to go back up the stairs. Otherwise, this was really solid!

Yep.... definitely hate mannequins

Managed to clear the game on both normal and hard mode. I don't usually play "survive the night" style games but I really enjoyed this one.

Super cute little horror game. Loved it.

Really liked the tension and creepiness from this one. That scream.. lol... Would like to see full version.

I also played "The House" and "Westgrove." Enjoyed all three and looking forward to the next release in your anthology.

Well... I won't be ordering from Pizza Butt any time soon!

This was  great for a 48 hour game jam game. I love Ouija themed horror games and I hope you make more.

Played the demo about a year ago and was happy to see a (nearly) full game release. It's obvious after playing through and getting all achievements that the game will be updated or get another chapter. The game is very good and I enjoyed finding everything. It was definitely worth the price and I'm looking forward to more.

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Just curious.... is the 3rd ending the game over or did I overlook something? Cute game. Looking forward to seeing what else you do~

Ending was a bit abrupt but, really enjoyed the game. I'd say it's my favorite of your games so far. Really liked the SCP vibes.

I adore pixel horror games and this was absolutely amazing to play. It had some extremely tough subject matter and I think you handled it very respectfully. I can't wait for your next game. Your games definitely deserve more attention~

Really enjoyed this one and I'm about to check out your other horror game as well!

This was really goofy and fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit! I hope you keep experimenting and learning new things. This definitely has a lot of potential. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future~

I noticed that the sequence of events kind of breaks near the end of the game if you don't do them exactly in order. Noah's dialogue tends to pop up at odd times and I almost missed some of it. Otherwise, this was great. It was very creepy and unsettling and I was constantly worried I was going to be attacked.

Cute little game jam game. Hope you win! The Animal Crossing and Creepy pasta vibes were strong with this one. Some of the characters reminded me of Tabby, Rosie (I said Merry like a derp) and Mitzy. Loved it!

Awesome, looking forward to the next one!