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Lady Random

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This was really nice for a short, alpha game. It was creepy and I liked the inclusion of the puzzle. I hope the poor doggo is okay~

This was extremely well put-together for being made in only one day. Creepy atmosphere, weird sounds, nice jump scare, and it even had an ending. Nice job~

I wouldn't mind seeing some puzzles and different ghost behaviors for the full version. Otherwise, it was fun and I think a pretty good demo overall.

Nice job for a first 3D project. Wish it hadn't ended so abruptly but, otherwise I had fun. A couple good scares, too~
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Played the demo a year ago and I've been anticipating the full release ever since. DSDev (who is a single dev) has done an amazing job of making a unique, fun, and scary horror experience. 

This game is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend purchasing the full release on steam. It has quite a bit of replay value because of multiple endings and many random scares. The voice acting is also top-notch.

I liked the creepy atmosphere and the suspense build-up; just wish there was more to the end. The game also froze at the end and I had to force close it. Nice custom assets and I think this is a good attempt for a short, experimental horror game. Keep up the good work.

I think that was really good for a first game. The atmosphere and sounds were great. Got me pretty good with a couple scares too. In the future, maybe you could add more interactions to the environment and/or some story lore. Keep up the good work.

I love this game series so much. This is my 4th time playing it just so I could check out the new update. Everything in the game is top-notch and I'm honestly surprised it's free. Team Terrible does amazing work and I'm looking forward to the next update!

This was absolutely amazing and I loved the entire game. The detailed animated close-ups (like the bathroom) scene were my favorite. You can tell how much work went into the game. So many unanswered questions left me hoping there might eventually be a sequel with the detective. I absolutely adore pixel horror games and this one is top-notch. I wish I had more viewers so they could see just how amazing this series is~

I downloaded and played it yesterday without issue. Antivirus didn't detect anything. I think it's just a false positive.

I played it yesterday and no issues. I have bitdefender and it didn't detect anything.

Who doesn't love gross, comedic-horror? The game was certainly different...  and quite funny. Nice job...looking forward to the next one~

It's a false positive from what I can see

Simple, creepy and effective. Very confused about the creepy beep, lol.


This was really creepy and unsettling. You did a great job and I'd love to see more.

This was really nicely done for a student project!

I knew it was coming and it got me anyway.. lol

Loved the jump scares and the monsters. I was even able to cheese the AI, which was fun.

I really hope you make more games.

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So middle high student as in jr. high school or middle of high school? Either way, this was fantastic for somebody so young. My only issue was trying to take a picture of the "evidence" but, I figured it out.

Seriously, this was really good and I hope you continue making games and honing your craft. I can tell how much work you put into this and it was very enjoyable.

I really hope this gets funded eventually. This is a really cool concept and I enjoyed my playthrough of the demo. I did run into a bug at the very end with the sea monster but, that's probably because I didn't drop down like I was supposed to. 🤣

I also had an issue with the controller controls but, I suspect that's more of an issue with the controller I use to play with rather than the controls themselves. You make some cool stuff and definitely deserve more love. 

New friends are always long as they respect your personal space! ;) Seriously, though, it was good and I hope you make more games!

Running is a bit slow but, otherwise nice little game jam game.
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This was a cool game jam game. Only issue I ran into was accidentally knocking over the trash can forced me to the start the entire game over..

This was extremely well-made. Looking forward to the full version.

That was great and definitely, not what I expected. Didn't expect the ending either so that was a nice surprise! Keep up the good work~

This is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever played and it was glorious. It was quite funny and even had a couple good jump scares. I enjoyed the game immensely and even managed to get both endings. Definitely a dollar well spent. I hope you make more games!

Short, fun, horror experience! Thankfully, I'm no longer too scared to pee.

I enjoyed the game but, ran into one bug. When you're trying to show the motel owner the coffee machine....I got stuck in a talking loop and couldn't exit.

The bad guy using the coffee machine in the offchance somebody would drink some coffee and get drugged was a bit out there, as well.. I thought it was even more funny when the entire machine disappeared.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to future episodes.

Awesome and fun update! Can't wait to see what happens with evil baby next!

I always do!

Not perfect but, still very fun. I always enjoy your games so I'm glad you released it!

This was different and I liked that! Cool little analog horror experience; would love to see more!

I really enjoyed this. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into making it. The Elder Scrolls vibes I got from the whole game were great. The fact that there are 12 endings and 6 secrets to find add replayability, which I really like.

The only thing I feel was missing was a possible save system so I wouldn't have to start at the very beginning if I wanted to get another ending. I can see why you didn't add one though because it's a rather short game. I also really liked the cinematic ending for the one cutscene I did get (although, I wasn't entirely sure what was going on xD).

Overall, a fun game and a really cool experience.

This was a fantastic demo! I really want to know more about the protagonist and story lore so I'm looking forward to the full release.

This game was absolutely ridiculous and spoopy... And I absolutely loved it! Best. ending. ever. It's the first game in the video~

A fun and spoopy little game; loved it! Game starts at about 50:52.