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Hey! First of all, I really liked the visual style. The darkness in this game feels SO real! I was jumping every time the lightning hits - cause you can see how creepy the things around are. Also it's so much fun cause usually if a game is dark it's just annoying cause you can't see anything. But here, you actually can see stuff, and sometimes it's not what it is! I was mistaking statue silhouettes for demons etc and it was SOOOOO scary. 

There are a few problems tho, and it really destroys all the pleasure... first one - it took me like 5minutes to figure out how to open the lockbox (after I used the key)... I was just lucky to hit that point you have to click in order to open it...
And the other thing is the gargoyle at the end - I couldn't just escape it. It's faster than me... and it was very annoying that I couldn't see the finale... 
I'd like to see more games from you in the future, tho. Good luck! And thank you!

Hey, Thanks for the detailed feedback and glad you enjoyed the game, during the 2 encounters in the game with the enemy you are actually supposed to hide in the lockers. This should help you get the ending.