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Full game is finally here!

This was so much fun! Def recommended! I played my first time with the pills and it was wild haha

That was tooooo creepy. lol @ all the jumpscares 

Brave policeman! 

I wish we could pet the dog....

That was a fun short experience:)

Played it on stream (my first time with this type of games) - it was super fun! 

Had so much fun with this game on stream! It was CRAZY. We didn't get the last lore tape though... :( Hope to see more Amanda games. 

I was playing it on stream and it was a pretty good game! Good job! 

Played it on stream and unfortunately can't say it was a pleasant experience. I found all the numbers and then it appears that you also have to click on it. So I had to replay all over again while nothing is really happening in the game.... It's not bad, but not good either.

One of the best horror games on this website! Hope to see more from you!

It was so scary - I almost lost it lol 

Played it on stream - the game was DOPE! I'm looking forward for more from this developer. 

This was SO good. Living 20 years in apartment like that, I approve.

I'm sorry but this time it's a NO.
1) I've spent more than an hour just trying to get the ending and I still couldn't get it. 
2) It's basically extended 1 episode. 

I love Jason! We need more with mr. Krueger, please! 

I haven't seen the movie but now I'm curious! 
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This game was FUN! Would be great to see more! 

Such a great game. Amazing story and a nice amount of jump scares. 

That was soooo funny and scary! Good job, a very nice game for Spooky Season!

That was pretty cool, I loved the little birdie thing. The tv scared the shi out of me lol


That was so creepy and good. I can't wait for the full game! 

It was such a nice experience! I was confused at the beginning on how to use stuff, but then it all escalated so fast! It's a very good example on when simple things are the most terrifying ones.

Omg this game is so good and scary. Very good job on sound design and random events (or were they randomly generated?) . Also it was really funny realising  it is set in Russia, so I had the opportunity to translate all the messages on the walls lol 

This game is so spooky with such a great sound design! I'd love to see more! 

Starts at 29:50

A pretty cool horror/exploration experience with a plot twist! Loved the game design!

It was SO scary! I really loved visual and the story. Can't wait for the full gamE! 

Felt so bad after playing this... 

Thought I would die in the labyrinth... but figured it out! haha
Interesting game, though I don't quite get the story... 
It's the second game in the video and starts at 5:19.

I loved the visual SO much. It's an amazing short experience and I can't wait for your horror game Choo-Choo Charles! Great job, guys! 

Omg I loved the game so much, I wished it could be longer , such a nice gradual increase in creepiness *_* 

I'm absolutely in love with the way the game tells the story! Such a nice pace and gradually we are learning more and more! Good job! Would really like to see more from you guys! 

A nice short spooky game that keeps you in suspense. The phone is the pearl of the game tho haha The game starts at 32:35 <3 

The selfie camera game mechanics is sooooo cool! I've never seen anything like this before and I LOVED it. Hope to see more! Game starts at 19:50

The idea with the ghosts following you after you die is very interesting and unique. I also liked the MC's outfit! lol The game starts at 12:00. Would love to see more from you guys! 

I loved the design of the monster and the overall spooky atmosphere!

This game is just SO good! It has everything to make it a very enjoyable experience: spooky atmosphere, good visuals, and what's most important, an exciting story! Thank you so much for it! Can't wait for the next one! 
P.S. thanks for setting it up in Russia, it was so nice to see Russian text, photos etc. So nostalgic. 

It looks like the game generates events randomly cause I played twice and it was completely different... Loved it <3