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I've enjoyed this game an awful lot. The minimalist colour-palette does a great job in abstracting the environment to facilitate path-finding, and the way the city-generator tends to throw buildings into each other produces some mesmerising results.

This is a really great proof-of-concept.

Some minor gripes / polish issues:

  • The FOV feels tiny, which probably isn't a problem in itself, but since the game relies heavily on one's navigation skill, a higher one could improve gameplay a lot.
  • It feels like there's no proper debouncing on the jump, which can be frustrating. On the other hand, I might just be rubbish at platforming.
  • Lots of Z-fighting, which is probably due to randomness. I'm unsure if giving the single pieces tiny offsets wouldn't fix that problem without causing new ones. It's weirdly atmospheric, tho.