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Yeah, it seems the jumps are also the stopping point for myself. Jumps are extremely shallow whether I'm moving or standing still. 

A suggestion: Are you maybe calculating jump or velocity per frame? If so, its possible that frame-rates play a part. You can generally remedy this sort of thing by including the time delta in your physics.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion RevelationGT! I'm sorry the jumping is an issue for a number of players. I will remedy this soon. Currently, I am implementing the jumping by AddForce to the rigidbody and multiplying the Y axis force by Time.unscaledDeltaTime. I have to use unscaledDeltaTime because Time.DeltaTime in Unity is affected by the TimeScale of the game (which  I use to stop time when the player stops moving). Whereas  Time.unscaledDeltaTime is not dependant on the games TimeScale. Either way I appreciate all the feedback and I am currently looking into fixing it! I am not sure if I can re-upload a fixed version of the game as a submission lol, so I will wait until the voting periods ends to upload a fixed version!

I think I have fixed the jumping issue in the latest version I uploaded.  No pressure here, but if you do have time please check the updated build and let me know if the jumping is better. Thanks :) So sorry it was a stopping issue for you!