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I'm glad you have enjoyed it and thank you for your feedback

Iin fact, eveytime you click it randomizes apparience and powers, and there are some skills most related to the power than others.

About the spelling i will check it.

I think i can make the continue creating button

Also i want to set an engine that allows you to save image right from the creator into a folder, but i want to do it using some kind of card template and i want to make more outfit, weapons and hairs.

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Cool! Nice update! Lol at how Google confirms that "Sagittarius" is right, but the "tt" is throwing me off.

Good thing I looked at the description for Photo mode. Good luck on making a downloadable. New power! Volcano!

Oooh, a likes section! Gonna see if I can get all animals, or at least cats and dogs...



Vulcano > Volcano

Cherrleading > Cheerleading

Mistery > Mystery

Pop idols > Pop Idols (because everything else is capitalized)

Burguers > Burgers

Doramas > Dramas [Not sure if that's what you meant.]

Capricornus > Capricorn (I think you want the sign, not the constellation?)

Milenium > Millenium


Maybe I should do this by Discord PM... I'm Malady.

Thank you for the spell check i will fix them all on the next update! Also thanks for the discord option... now i have to check that old discord account LOL.