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Came from the description in:

Fun! Interesting how the roaming guy in the second zone isn't the boss?

Is there a hidden path to the secret area in the first zone? Cool how stairs don't always end the game! Mimic is very useful!

The three mushrooms did their dialogue after my first battle with a sporer, but also after the battle right after that.

Should it happen every time?

Just so I don't forget again, the mid-week shopping trip, I think for Christmas, has it be possible for Mind and Body stats to be negative, if enough failures occur beforehand, but the stats will appear as 0, enough that the Popsicle appears to fail the first purchase?

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And the stats bars at the top aren't as accurate as the numbers? Or maybe more accurate... I have 44/44 Mind, but the bar isn't full...

What's the trigger for a stat decrease notification? Night Baking and clearly losing Tech, but the End of Week summary isn't showing it... I bet it's because it's <1 but appears as -1...


How big should the Transformation Attempt at Midwinter be? I just got it at basically from Dec 22 to the beginning of Mind, but at all other times, it's been way smaller... As wide as 195 Days to the end-ish of Money 707... ... Then rewinding makes it smaller, while literally redoing it makes it big for a while...

Buying Law books for Romance... Lol.

Stats Screen shows 40 Law, Book's Current is 39 Law...

Hmm... I guess the probabilities aren't letting Doctors appear since all of my first 3 targets were Doctors... So the small chance is getting forever swamped out by Delinquents and Little Old Ladies... And to get more Doctors I have to hunt something else?

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Well, my Rebellious, Historian, Witty vampire with a massive Computer Focus in her first week is needing to Save Scum just to keep up that Computer Habit, since she sucks at every job on her second week! :rofl:

In save scumming, she's found a dearth of Doctors to Hunt. Do they die out after two / three encounters?? Or is it just certain days, like Aug 14, Doctors aren't around?

Looks pretty!

I'd like some more info on the plot in the description, but then again, that's what playing it is for?

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Cool! Nice update! Lol at how Google confirms that "Sagittarius" is right, but the "tt" is throwing me off.

Good thing I looked at the description for Photo mode. Good luck on making a downloadable. New power! Volcano!

Oooh, a likes section! Gonna see if I can get all animals, or at least cats and dogs...



Vulcano > Volcano

Cherrleading > Cheerleading

Mistery > Mystery

Pop idols > Pop Idols (because everything else is capitalized)

Burguers > Burgers

Doramas > Dramas [Not sure if that's what you meant.]

Capricornus > Capricorn (I think you want the sign, not the constellation?)

Milenium > Millenium


Maybe I should do this by Discord PM... I'm Malady.

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Interesting! Is there a way to keep randomizing without going back to the start screen?

Also clashes between the chant and the Power! Very surprising! Along with "bad" powers existing, like Poison! Although, I seem to be getting more matching than not...

So I guess some Poisons not having a poisony chant is an error? Like Geminis 25 151 Poison: Espiritual Temple Spirit?

Are you using some alternate spelling of Zodiac signs? Geminis for Gemini, Tauro for Taurus and Sagitarius for Sagittarius?

My faves right now:

1. Libra 26 154: Love: Espiritual Romance Alchemy

2. Star: Titanic Star Constellation

2. Aquarius 24 173: Holy: Espiritual Sacred Beam

3. Pink Hair Blue Eyes Green Dress Wand: Leo 24 174: Poison: Heal Poison Constellation

4. Cancer 17 162: Love: Heal Crystal Soul

I should probably stop or this is gonna get looong. Gonna store all this inspiration elsewhere! Thanks!

Yep! It let me claim now! Thanks!

Nice art! ... Why can't I claim this for my account? Well, downloaded anyway.

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Uhh... isn't letting me pay $0.50. It needs to be at least $1 USD? So I gave that.

Completed the Merlandese collection! Except for Lure, since I'm not a multiplayer person.

But I'm not buying it just to complete the collection. Puzzles! Woo! Social Puzzle Game!!!

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Nice difficulty! It's almost, but not possible to solo without healing! Dying is easy unless you're smart!

I really should've done the Tutorial to know that the Base heals! Lol!

And that doesn't help much. My slimes get swamped by trolls or whatever. Gonna go Tutorial...

And that didn't help. The Trolls are too fast! ... Are their appearance timed, or based on Tower Kills?

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On Windows 10... Just started... Tried to Continue Game as very first action, having no save files made.

That locked up the game? ... Gonna play through the game for real and make a good review later.

Congrats on making a game!

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Having played this and Fleuret Blanc. So many similar sounds. Such nostalgia!

Makes me want to play Fleuret Blanc again.

Played only two games, and it feels like such a planning-based game. Easy to play, hard to master, it seems. Nice!