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"Eternal amour versus infernal armor in this yuri RPG!"

Ha! Woo! Wordplay! Soooo should finish this eventually!

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Took a long while, but it happened, so that's good!

Woo! Finally found Levinite by Sampling! Now to grab tons! Slowly!


Now just poking around the edges and stuff. Does the Lucky Blend's effect on Sample only happen in Evrandel or something? I got the Lucky status and am Sampling in the Prison, but I've sampled at least 5 times and nothing lucky has happened.

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Lol this game is funny! Everything happens so fast, and then it's not too hard to grind Spiderbots since they have only 40 HP!

Came from Female Protagonist and Color-blind friendly... ... How do you leave the first room? I've found both sides of the room but can't activate the obvious way out?

All I can do is use the arrow keys to go left and right and jump high?

And the comments make me think this isn't gonna end happily, so I'm not motivated to play on, but would've been nice to manage to leave the first room?

You're welcome!

Umm... The Lock Lights for the Left Door at the top floor of the Currently Final Dungeon are all red, but the door is unlocked, aren't unlocked locks supposed to be grey?

But I can leave the top floor now!

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Hope you had a good day!

Brill's ability to pass through "Final" Boss floor's right archway is back...

Dragon Statue should be activatable now? Annnd I'm softlocked in this final screen / map unless I reload. Quite sure I overwrote my game files with the latest patch...

Well, just gotta try to find my way back to the painting hallway.


Not sure why, but when the top Green Flame turns around, it flickers.

The Floating Boss shouldn't exist anymore? ... But I guess most of this stuff is just because you haven't set up all the post-"Final" boss states.

Wellspring cutscene weirdness. ditto.

Got me the Alicorn Guard bestiary entry! I'm out to check if I've got all of them. Champion says 288, so it seems I've got'em all!

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Did a overwrite of all files, the purple hedge bridges have the same issue as the green ones, where I can walk from under the bridge to over the bridge? Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

And the Fairy Regalle Wood and the other one in the East, neither have different BGM? EDIT: but I guess you mean that it's just not silent when coming from the web, and that works!

Lastly, did you see my edits? Gonna go get the Bestiary entries from the last dungeon. Good luck, pace yourself and stuff!


Do I have to anger the Alicorn Guards to fight them? Hope not.

MultiTwister deals its Deflect additional damage as Piercing through my Defense?


Yeah, this trigger still happens even after the battle happens:

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Thanks! The softlock seems stopped now!

That Hedge Anger debuff. How can I tell if it's happening? My hedges can't get any angrier, but I'm not seeing Brill get a new status effect, and she only has Star Force, Haunted Aegis, Star Wine, Running Person and Cycle of Regeneration.

Nevermind, I see it now. "The hedges' curse strikes!". ... It messes with the Cursed Coronet! HA!

But: Still can walk on basically hedge air? Here and also where Brill is looking across the hedge.

And walked from under to up here and the same bridge on the right... And might be all bridges??:

Also can't talk to butterfly?

Leeching Swarm heals like it deals damage even when I take 0 damage due to a 3x ATK boost to DEF from Lucky Lass. ... Well, finally got my Bestiary entry, so I can leave this area behind.

Reflecting an attack while also Blocking at the same time doesn't count as blocking it for Star Force. I see.

If the debuff has an icon, I haven't seen it yet. But if I kite a monster flame up here, and it touches me, I can't move or do anything other than listen to the music.

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Woo! More music for all players!

Should the Hedge Start Ring still work at this point? I guess Rings can be one-way.

I can't tell if Hedge Anger is doing anything...

Is this cave supposed to be accessible? If so, how?

If I walk through here, Brill merges with an enemy flame but doesn't get into battle?

Coming back for the Balorites' Bestiary entries... Should I be able to walk here? And also the green places from using other hedges?

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Just noticed, are the two Regalle Woods' maps supposed to have their own background music? They seem to not have their own music, either having the general overworld theme or the nothingness of the Web, depending on where Brill's coming from?

Looked at the BGM. Brill's theme is nice! Is it supposed to be played anywhere?

"The Void, while largely dangerous for humans, isn't entirely inhospitable."

At least you can still breathe in there! Heh. Oh wait, Brill has the Amulet of Air. Maybe it doesn't have air. hmm.

They also seem to speak the same language as the rest of the universe? Then again, there's paraelemental Information, so language education might just be a spell away or something, hmm.

Have a good day! That I made it to the end of the current stuff is a good sign!

I think I'll go back and get the rest of the loot and bestiary entries, so I can check everything and stuff. Heh, stretching out my time with the game.

Found a bug with quitting the auction. The city stays in Night mode until Brill leaves.

But I have 6 lottery tickets now, so that's nice.

Checked out the Wind Tile. New message! Woo! Here's a latest save, because Brill apparently can't lock eyes with the First Phantom when she's 2 tiles away. It needs at least 3.

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Was thinking about bosses, my nearly potion-less, consumable-less winning streak... The only boss (after the tutorial boss) that comes to mind of resorting to potions is the Water Boss. Who I think heals?


Gleamsand's basically an 15 DEF boost that's Undeflectable (I think? I need to check if my memories of it being deflected are actually Treat being deflected)

Temporary status, but it's the second fastest turn?

But only good with my block strat to keep it up? How many attacks can land within the Sand timelimit?


In my thoughts, I found the Vigor Crystal, was that the blue one? The HP booster, whatever it's name is. Not sure how useful it is. I can't think of any strats that a boost of ~25 HP at most, is good for, do you? If someone was doing a Bumpy Road run, maybe??

But hey, maybe there will be something that makes HP boosts really useful compared to getting DEF instead...?

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PLOT Spoilers thoughts below! And a few bugs or something.







Sir Jinn is leaving to eat some of the Starstorm because he got tired out from battle. If one battle vs. Brill and Vantus is enough to do that, could he over exert himself by trying to tired himself out immediately upon returning? Or could he rapidly tired himself out and then go to eat more again. Could he eat the whole Starstorm by himself if he returns fast enough?

Gonna go check his tile after breakfast. ... Which has the same message as pre-boss defeat.


I guess we're gonna go investigate the Brumar issues later, and maybe meet the Ice Eidolon. Then Earth and Fire left to go, if I'm reading the tiles right.


But have to get there first, and that's hard while in the Castle. ... Probably shouldn't be concerned about Vantus if Brill returns to the Prison through the hidden passage, after he's been rescued? No need to "Hang on, Vantus!"


Grate Flicker at top left when moving to other tiles:

Should Rafting Theme be replaced with Location Theme when moving to a new location while in the raft? That happens while in the Forma Lands.

Yep! I've found 34. Not sure if there's more.

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A strong defense is a great help in offense!

Thanks for the reminder with that last sentence of the spoiler! I forgot *that* detail!
EDIT: Are there not enough Heal Targets to get me to 35 heals for the quest?

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Beat the Currently Final Boss! When he stayed in place after his speech, I thought something went wrong. Took me 44 Gleamsands, one Select Wine and one BBQ.


Too long line: "his true nature"


Shouldn't the Assembly be reopened?
Wait... Sonon's statue has wings... The Forruno were winged??


Gear list:

Haunted Aegis, Revol Helm, Mythril Robe, (Fire) Dragonstone, Ring of Endurance, Battle Brooch, Master's Gift, Time Heal, Catch Up, Restor, Friend Defend, Status Ward, 10 Defense Foci

Didn't need every possible MP. If I had gotten the last one, maybe I would've spent it on Startforce??

How is this cutscene happening? Ghosts??
Lol, "He has a back?" ... An enemy with all-around vision is slightly difficult to fight. mmm.
Lol Spectacles woman.
Lol "spy" guard!
King suggestions!
Zzz guard! Good thing they're in pairs!

Thanks! I was going to use it to setup Ring of Endurance strats, but I found that being shot at by the boss is much easier. Ha!

Have a good day! Gotta do something for an hour, and probably won't have anything to report until I beat the boss!

Master's Gift doesn't multiply HP, though.

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EDIT: The 5th floor's left 4 Switch door doesn't have the lock indicator gems?

EDIT 2: Interesting that Regen Rings and Restoration Medal regens don't merge.

EDIT 3: Almost beat the "final" boss. But did a whoopsie in timing my blocks and stuff. Healing is pretty good for the final battle.

The red chests! That makes sense, colors and all! And I've got'em all those that you listed! Well, at least I can swap out a Defense Focus for a Heartbeat which net me both more HP and but the same DEF, thanks to the Ring of Endurance.

Ooh, flickering Heartbeats, when damaged, makes me lose 1 Current HP each time when I put it back on~! Weird?

I guess there's only 1 Ring of Endurance in the game? It's too powerful to have more of them, I guess!

Thanks! ... Have I gotten all the Life Gems? Just want 1 more HP so the 1/4 point of my Max HP (Currently 43.25 out of 173) isn't right on the Ring of Endurance point of 43 HP.

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Thought so! ... Sometimes, the Current Final Boss doesn't go to his second phase right:

Burns are annoying. I can usually get past the first phase no matter how I do it. ... Mythril Robe is great!


That is, he stays dead and only is revived later, by Green Midboss, to ~100 HP.

Might actually not use any of the top floor gear, and go with a slight, healy variant of my Midboss-beater set.

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Had to try a few times, but I think I've got something that'll let me win!

Spoilers ahead or something, but what's with the green 3 partially inside Brill's HP meter at the bottom?

EDIT: Oh, it's from the ATK up 150%, but the icon has vanished because there's too many!



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Thanks! I did have a good night! And updated! Unfortunately, Sky Mantids don't block like normal or at least as I expected?

They die after blocking everything they can, not just to the limit of their HP?


Where Brill gets shocked when entering next battle due to some lingering Fog Elemental lightning status that doesn't show in her status list.

Getting the Jacket chest calls it a Jacker, but in inventory it's a Jacket?


Weird targeting reticule at left:

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I think I can stick with the Gleamsand strat. Trying to get those final keys is the main issue.

The Sky Mantid's Ambush Stance is activating when itself is attacked, that's fine, it counts as its own ally. But, Friend Defender will get Brill killed due to a Blocking Brill taking a hit for Vantus, not counting as blocking for Counter Fell Claws? While if it hits Vantus alone, Vantus only takes 21 damage or so.

I've gotta sleep for an early thing tomorrow, so goodnight!

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And almost at the boss! Got the new potion. Total Defense build should let me win against the boss if they can't heal, and possibly even if they can.


Against the boss, I don't even need the Ring of Endurance to take 0 damage... Unless I don't want to be hurt by Cold Fronts. mmm.

Oooh. That happened. Oh no. I can't handle this. Dang. I might need to go for those other keys. ... Or just burn more Gleamsand to survive, since it drops ATK.

Nope, the statuses damaged Brill below the Vantus Block threshold and got him beaten. Reload time. Gotta remember to get the last 2 keys, and maybe beat up 1 last new thing for another MP.

Walking bug 1:

Walking Bug 2:

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Thanks! ... The Midboss is annoying enough that I'm burning my stack of 500 Gleamsand just to get it done. Not like the stuff's expensive!

Took me like ~60 Brill Gleamsand Turns to take out Blue Boss. But I failed in taking out Blue and then Green... Gotta reset. Rock Wall too tough to beat with Gleamsand only strat.

That Gleamsand lowers ATK wasn't even a part of my strategy. I was wondering why Red suddenly dealt less damage than expected. Well, it's just them now. They're not surviving. Took about 100 Gleamsands to do win.

Would be insane if I got 999 Lucky Lottery Tickets just to use them for their 5% Windup and Delay.

Wanted to get Star Force as fast as I could. Just realized that Check doesn't count as a turn for getting SF. Should it? Or too easy to cheese?

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Cool! Good luck! ... Gonna have lunch!

In other issues, going into the encounter right in front, leads to a stream of 6 and 3-s coming out from Brill.

And I think I've got a setup where Brill can just stand there totally safe, no blocking required against the Triple Midboss. Really wish I could just skip their fight due to having total immunity to their attacks, but ah well?

EDIT: Ooh, but Vantus is protecting her even though he'd be better off letting her take it! Awww :heart!: ... And I don't even need to max out my defense. 49 HP is still immune!

Funny how the midboss cutscene is likely to have Vantus facing away from the bosses when he's talking to them.

(2 edits)

Thanks again!

Uh... Something about the On-Block effects and stuff, means I now can't Bluff continuously? But I really want to do that? I hope I'm wrong, but can Green Boss see through my Bluffs?

And Guard Down does seem to take like 2 ticks or so? Not truly instant?

In any case, I should go buy another Ring of Endurance. Maybe wearing 2 would be good.

Thanks! This makes many more strategies viable! You got the wrong patch time for R 6, btw.

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Thanks for the update! Not patching yet, but the evolving item, when put in the second Accessory slot seemed to nudge the first Accessory back into my inventory when it evolved?

In other things, could you math this out for me? Defense doesn't seem to be that useful, and I'm not sure why:

That Brill save has 58 Defense and takes 70% of all Element damage. Defense Foci make up 16 of that Defense. Along with 32% damage reduction.

Red Boss has 30 ATK, that can get multiplied by 2, Razor's Edge did 82 damage when unblocked, and that's a 55 Damage Neutral type attack. No change after taking off Defense Foci. Does it matter that I'm Friend Defender-ing?

Green Boss has 20 ATK and Judgement Bolt is 50 Thunder power, and I took 8? or 6? damage. After taking off all my Defense Foci, and losing 16 defense, I take 14 damage, so 16 Defense is worth 6 damage?

Blue Boss's (15 ATK) Stone Surge (40 Earth damage) did 3 damage without Defense Foci. 55 * .7 = 38 damage, which should deal 0 damage since I have 42 defense?


Going to patch now and do other things...

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Oooh! I forgot that Guard Down is instant! That makes it fit much better into my "Block All The Time So Brill Doesn't Die" strat! ... And to power it up fast enough, I should probably drink the wine and wear the conservation thingy.

But, it's only useful in my new strat if it doesn't lower Rock Wall count on use: Nature's Boon Rock Wall and put all the DEF and Wall boosters on, just keep blocking and use it as a functionally permanent DEF upgrade by never unblocking.

Got the Metal Chest!

In battles, she probably shouldn't say that "We're in range of the cannons" when she's alone? She's a she, not a we. Unless she's royalty. Rhyme!

Medal selection is so much easier by mouse!

Lol saying "It looks like we've cleared the Breachers" when I only fought the ones blocking the Metal Chest Way.

Darn, the Metal Chest held a not-Equip. Hmm. Can I bypass the barrier with this? Nope. But, after some thoughts about loot, I think I know now. That portal...

Checking out the front of the Currently Final Dungeon again. Should the entrance cutscene still replay?

How is the respawn location determined? I get knocked out in the Currently Final Dungeon due to taking the Midboss as an exit, and end up in Brill's bed?

And now I find out about the face changing mirror! Sweet!


I was right about the Metal Chest Loot... But now thinking about utility of the final unlock.

BUG?: The loot evolved in the second Trinket slot and nudged my other Trinket back into my inventory? OR was that my faulty memory?

(1 edit)

Yaay... I'll have to carefully navigate to the metal chest that might have an equip that I really want. Ha!

Having to do it all without Vantus's help! heh. Tomorrow.


A big thing / question: Should the area around the Forma village be cleared of Void Mercenaries and stuff? Or is there some explanation on why the Breachers and others are still around even after their boss is defeated? Is it just because I ran past all of them?

(2 edits)

Thanks for explaining! Soften doesn't seem the way to go to stop that, since even the best only takes out 8 DEF.

And I didn't even notice I had 999 Pure and Frozen Droplets. Gotta leave and sell them to the Cave Alchemist for ingredients to build up my Thunder Damage stocks.

Brill and Vantus can both block for the other. Not exactly sure how damage is distributed in that case, seems like it's like they're not blocking at all. I try to avoid that since Vantus sucks at taking damage compared to a properly equipped Brill.

In other things, probably shouldn't be able to walk here?

(6 edits)

I think Blue Boss's heal is variable healing instead of fixed-value healing...

But I seem like I can survive forever by Brill blocking. This seems like a stalemate with my current no-potion strat. Blue Boss can be brought down to low HP, but the shielding is too much to take him out since he can heal too quickly? I guess I'll have to use potions?

Is the Protect Cape supposed to cause 2 shield icons, and the cape icon? When my block gets deflected, I lose one icon, but I guess it's the weaker one of the 15 and 60 Block Strength blocks?

I guess I'll try to think of what potions to throw and when. hehe! Pepperevenge a gogo? Not that good with my current -5 Attack... Probably gonna use Auto-tonics to handle some healing.

Wait, I can't Pepperevenge and Auto-tonic at the same time? So, since they and Catch Up are all Doesn't Stack, only 1 of the three are worth putting on? Catch Up is too important to react quickly to not use?


Switched up my loadout, but Vantus deflected Blue's shield then I Star Bursted, where even not-blocking and every enemy at full HP, Blue took all 3 attacks?

And I thought I saw him block some healing when he protected Brill once... Hmm. Could just be my mental mistake.

Phoenix Phormula: Revives Brill from Inventory. But when I used it, it healed the party to full, even though only Vantus fell?

Well, dinner...