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Whoops, I wasn't clear!

Earth Cave balance is good. If I felt like spending my ingredients, instead of hoarding them like a non-RP gamer, I'd be totally good on regular Pepperflasks.

P.S: Why does Brill have a Life Stone in her room, unused? Are they good alchemy ingredients, or something?

Yay for multiple choices being correct! Easier and funnier to have funny dialogue that way!

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Finally started playing!

When booting up without any saves available, advise that the default selection is New Game, instead of Load Game.

Ran out of Pepperflasks before the First Boss, so in an exploratory mission, I went without crafting anything new. A.k.a Punching, Blocking, and whatever that Healing Potion is. Given the trade in Damage vs. HP, if I did it perfectly, I could win, but nah, decided to take the wipe and build up my Super PF reserves. Super PF being the only thing I'm making for now because I wanna save all my other resources.

And then I find 6 Moon Dust on the ground while grinding against Slimes for the stuff. Wow. 6. WOO! Moon Dust! 9 Super PF in my bag, first boss, you going down!

Is there any reason to use the elemental attacks before the First Boss?

Ah, and on the battle win screen, put a space before the "Sil", so it's like "7 Sil" instead of 7Sil?

P.S: Why can we Sample in battle? It doesn't seem to do anything?

Beat the Boss, got the Exit, and then wiped myself on the Beach. Probably shouldn't be able to do that then find myself in bed? Never tried to wipe right after beating the Boss, but would I bypass the exit if I did? That'd be a major glitch.

Then again, this is 0.3.5 P1. We'll see what fixes P2 brings. Maybe have the First Boss not drop a Shield I'm already using?

The one to the left of "♡(>ᴗ•)", is the only other one that I saw at a quick glance. Dinner!

I am very confused about how this works.

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Ugh, Star of the Arcane just generated too many shards due to my masses of Nurseries. Good thing I'm only on my 4? 5? Run.

Just need to hit 8 minutes by grabbing tons of Roses, then I can lose repeatedly for all achievements!

Took me a while to understand the chart.

Lol how an idle loss was still 5:58.

Came here from to

Ubuntu Firefox,

If you're looking at the same site I am, "(๑˘︶˘๑)" and "°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°" should be on the same line, with the two in between not working for me.

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So many Kaomoji!

Some don't work on my machine, but most of them do! Cool game! The clouds make things so mysterious!

And the word forests! So weird! Hehee!

Woah! This is the first Tool I've seen on itch! Cool!

Issue! Flower Overlap. Coincidentally, that overlap is and Newgrounds!

Man, I really should download this eventually. Watery Nell Screenshot with Water enemy really makes things mysterious and interesting!

How big is the EXE?

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I guess I got under 10 minutes? Maybe? Nope. ~15. I shouldn't have bought those free 1 Stones in the beginning!

Deeper and Deeper indeed! In mechanics and literal Down!

And my second attempt is ~10 minutes. Possibly 9:something. Certainly not 11.

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And finally done! After about 4 hours and 23 minutes, not counting resets and stuff. And that was with me being inefficient! I wonder if this could be done in under 4 hours. I did have one unnecessary defeat of Lord Doldrum, after all.

For all that it's sorta short in a playtime sense, there's a lotta text inside! And puns and stuff too! Good game! That final ending was deeper than expected!

Game description typo:

Solider > Soldier

What? I said "Saves do transfer from older versions". Is it not happening for you??

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Yay! Glad that I checked today! Saves do transfer from older versions in Web Version!

Oh, sound isn't totally off still. Ah well. Nevermind, is the need to scroll down new? SE Volume! ... Are there any BSE (Background Sound Effects) anyway? I turned it up to 100 and not hearing any?

My first solid attempt at Low Level Defeat, and I just needed one more hit! Ha!

Finally tried talking to the Marionettes! Cool dialogue!

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Music's great and relaxing. Lol on the third one, I was resting my mouse on it after spamming a few clicks for the fun sound, and didn't notice!

Gave up on 23.

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My oh my, I gotta think about Stats! Deep! Even though there's only 3 stats... I dunno anything about the enemy... Tricky stuff. Are there multiple endings beyond who I choose? hmmm.

And multiple conversation paths! Woah. Or maybe not? Hmm. I guess if I chose to max out my Potions instead of just sticking with Lina just in case the Potions guess was off and she needed help.

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The issue's gotta be something about edges and corners. Where's the code for the Minesweeper constructor?

Because this 1 at the upper right totally needs to be guessed? The upper-right-most "1" was covered when the game started.

It might be solved by just not letting Sudoku 1s be in corners?

Cool! After three key presses, I totally understood the basic concept of the game! Efficient!

Relaxing and pretty! Very circular! Nice to have multiple pot shapes!

Totally unlike the song this reminded me of, "R.I.P - PYRITE GIRL ft. Kagamine Rin (VOCALOID Original Song)", about Kintsugi!

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Coming here due to this video mentioning the game. Didn't expect a game dev blog! Cool!

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Cute! Very purple! Wish that Potion of Lesser Healing's description could be shrunk to 2 lines to match every potion-else! OH! It's affected by Zoom! Hmm. Might just be a Firefox thing or something.

Interesting. Only the best Potions of Game Development are worth anything other than 200 Silver?


Love Potion: Heatbreak > Heartbreak

Is it always supposed to be solvable? I can't see a solution to:

Oh wow! So fast response! Clicking the comment box still seems to break it, Windows Firefox here. Hope you solve it eventually. Or I figure out how to cancel out of making a comment.

Fun! Got up to like 14 or 15? Wish I could pause between boards so I don't have to be limited so much.

Boards with no 0s in the starting stuff are the hardest. Whether they're impossible to logic out, not sure.

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Could we get Enter to work like Space, so if I wanna manually move after a reset, I can just spam Enter instead of having to be careful with my Enter vs. Space?

Also, can't keep playing after making a comment on Ubuntu Firefox? Can't leave the Enter Comment section on itch to get back to the game?

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Heh. I listen to a Rusalka Song and I find this Kelpie game. ROFL. Soaked.

Interesting, using a Tori.

Ghost Light

I kept trying to Diagonal and kept going back home until I figured things out by looking up and seeing my hearts. Play screen might be too big?

Map isn't totally randomized, which is good!

The Lower Right Spirit is a Mojibake number rectangle on Linux Firefox?

Entered the Pickaxe Tori at 0 Hearts. Can't buy the pickaxe with my circle currency? Just bashed keys until I figured it out it was B.

Why's the pickaxe Tori's envelopes say "Press O to open for 6 hearts", and other times, "you need 9 hearts to open this", instead of sticking to one style? Is it "You can open" vs. "You can't open"?

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Can we get a list of the possible symbols? Not sure if one symbol is the same as another or is distorted by pixelation or something. Congrats on being the 10th best minesweeper on itch! Interesting idea!

And preventing death on first click would be nice.

And seems like not the kind that prevents needing to guess.

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Pretty good. Fits the 9th most popular / best-rated minesweeper on itch, saw a 50/50 still, but what was the update from about a month ago?

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Congrats on being the 7th most popular Minesweeper on-site, even 5+ years on! Wish there was a reset button so I could no-damage easier.

This seems like I need to guess? Should that happen?

Getting the Flags on where the bombs are is tough. They have to be pretty close?

Oh! This path-based movement means that we can't just randomly check places far away! Cool!

Getting back into the sweeper jam with ClueSweeper! Woo! Sweepers!


But different.

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Possibly a bug, I KO'd my Hero Man to keep him at LV 3 and grinded the Marionettes to LV 8.

Strange Minion's presence right before the fight implies I should get the Low Level Defeat ending, but that didn't happen?

Eventually indeed! I had my Warrior autobattling a Medic Oozie for 20+ turns and it still was Surrounding and Curing itself! Lol!

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Can agree that this game is funny! Came from TVTropes!

Okay, issues:

Turning all sound off doesn't control the menu beeps, Fight Woosh and Attack Sounds?

Ending List says Flame Sword while the purchase says Flame Blade?

Magic Banners tho! Funny Devlog! +1

Was a free-player... What's updated since then? Oh, I see. The updates log is updated... Maybe call it "updated updates" or something?

Aw yeah! Came to this blog because TVTropes! This is giving me Princess Remedy Vibes! Also because throwing potions just now! Woo!

Gonna play this when I get to my weak machine. Don't wanna clog up my strong one with things that don't need its power.

This is RPGMaker MV, right? Could we get this to run in-browser, ala

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A friend played this and found it fun, and I do too! But unlike them, I don't have the time to finish this. Very puzzling demo! Nice!

Hallways intro conversation typo:

is to hard > is too hard

I think there was a typo with "its" vs. "it's" in the "Ghosts!" intro, wish we could replay the conversations.

Stopped at 5, because time and stuff.