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You really went above and beyond on making this a calming, absorbing experience. It definitely feels like something you'd just mindlessly play on your phone when you need to relax.

I would say that the mechanic seems to be begging for more complexity. You spent all this time making a really cool shader that could be capable of really cool, mind-bending puzzles, but with the current implementation, you can practically get through every level without needing to ever get a different perspective on pairings.

I think if you spend a little time post jam thinking of different ways you could use the shader and playing with prototypes, you could come up with some amazing things that could rival some of the more popular puzzle games on the market.

Either way, you did an excellent job, and this comes across as one of the more complete, polished games that I've seen so far!

I definitely feel where you're coming from; complexity is certainly lacking, and this seems more like a proof of concept. The major way I plan to add complexity and variation will be with alternate "HyperCubes" (aka having different shapes that you view things through instead of just a cube), most of which won't actually be cubes. The Cube "world" will likely be the easiest/starting world. I think changing that will add quite a bit of variety, but it will make level creation a little less automated, which is why I haven't implemented it for this jam. I probably would've if I hadn't lost all my work and had to re-make it all 2/3rds of the way through the jam, but ultimately re-writing it from scratch really allowed me to address performance problems and optimize the whole thing which turned out to be worth it.

Anyway, thanks for the useful feedback! I'll be sure to take all your points into consideration as I continue development <3