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Perfect excuse to use a square for a character, and a really original 'building' concept. I didn't like having a time limit, but it had to be there for the jam I guess. I didn't get far enough to see all the applications for the block placing, but it seems really flexible to maybe block projectiles or even safeguard lemmings-like npcs in an escort mission. I think  being able to manipulate the block would be cool, perhaps through intentionally dying by touching a lethal liquid that has the side effect of inflating your blocky corpse to 3x the size, or one making you bouncy or  sticky for other platforming opportunities. You could extend the mechanics by playing physics interactions that work one way when you hit the environment and another when you hit your dropped blocks. Also, there needs to be some sort of flood of the boxes at some point. It's required. Thanks for sharing this.

Thx for playing! These are great ideas!