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This has some potential! I actually got engaged for some minutes. Here are my comments:

  • Minigames have some  fun on them. However, I noticed that in almost every minigame you can destroy everything with your sword, which make them a bit repetitive (as every minigame becomes a "click fast to destroy everything before it touches you" game). Also, I'm not sure if it would be better to make minigames appear in some order instead of randomly.
  • The minigame of digging up behaves glitchy; the camera jumped as crazy and I didn't understand what was going on. 
  • The town was confusing at first; I didn't get the game until I found the "Next stage" button; it should be way bigger.
  • The theme was met. Every minigame takes 30 seconds.
  • The aesthetics are good enough, but some elements feel disconnected from the others. For example, swords can be replaced for something more... organic. The same for crystals.
  • Sound is very basic.