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Thanks for playing. Was a bit of a rushed job towards the end so a few things got less attention than I would have liked. The installer was due to feedback on my last game, some people didn't like pulling down a random zip. I know it's essentially the same thing with a basic packaged installer.

Actually I don't play games with an installer, since I don't want to give administrator rights to a random .exe from the internet. Most games in a .zip run fine without it, but installers need it.

You're doing so either way, the exe in the zip wont be signed, so you're allowing an exception to run it (Whether you get a prompt about it is up to your settings), and again with the download step, your firewall settings will determine whether you get warning about random exe's and/or zips. I'll change back to zips for  future gamejam's though :)

I'm ok with running the executable, as long as they don't ask for administrative privileges they can't actually do much on my system. Installers however ask for admin privileges, and I'm not willing to give then that :)


I've added a zip if you want to check the game out. Added outside of the submission window so don't feel you have to rate or whatever., would like to hear what you think though.

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Tried it out and it's good! The music is really catchy, the game-play works great, if not super innovative, but I think polish is more important, so good job! Also rated.