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Done, i'm sorry for the unconvenience, i wanted to upload as soon as possible to help creators to get ideas about magical girls characteres, powers and filiations.

I don't see it like a real game, it's a character creator mainly, so there is not so much to play with, but it is fun to see what kind of girls the program shows.

Thanks for the cooperation!!

Just curious but plan on submitting something else?


I want to, but this week started school and i don't know if will have enough time to work on this, i don't want to make trash, because i love magical girls so much and they reserve respect. If i find the time i will, otherwise i will on your next magical girl's jam. I hope you continue doing this.

The next jam will probably be made coinciding with Japan's summer vacation (just like this time coincides with Japan's spring vacation) -- so MGGJ4 will probably be in August.

Good luck until then ^^